Thursday, August 04, 2005

Brookes News Update

Liberal Party, labour market reform and the unions' minimum wage myth: Union officials are using economic quackery to defend the minimum wage and Liberal Party adviser are letting them get away with it
US deficits and government spending - more fallacies: What Democrats and their media supporters' make a point of downplaying is that deficits occur because spending exceeds revenue
The Murdoch journalist who whitewashed treason: Journalists like Wynhausen have got the gall to slime our society while turning a blind eye to atrocities carried out by the socialist likes of Fidel Castro
G-d save me from the politically correct : The Jews were the canary in the coalmine. Now the terrorists are coming after the 'Sunday People'
America is "Grateful to Almighty God" : Why America truly is a Christian nation
The Liberal Party and social contract nonsense: The striking thing about Australia's Liberal Party is the extent to which many of its supporters, including some in Parliament, are divorced from genuine liberal principles


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