Tuesday, August 02, 2005


An age-old technique for deflecting blame and criticism from oneself is to accuse others of what are in fact your own faults. If done unconsciously, psychologists call it "projection". But whether conscious or not, it tends to confuse the issue and makes people think that there is blame on both sides. So it is a very effective strategy in general. And since Leftists have a very great need to hide the hate and destructivesness that are their real motivations, they have used such a stratgey to the full. So much so that you just have to see what they say about conservatives to know what is true of them. They for instance call conservatives closed-minded, simplistic-thinkers, dogmatic and hate-filled when it is they themselves who in fact are spectacularly charaterized by all those attributes (See e.g. here).

And one of their routine accusations is that conservatives are dumb. They get away with that because it is true that most intellectuals tend Left (see here for why). But intellectuals are only a very small part of the population. What about Leftists in general? Are they more or less intelligent than conservatives? As far as I know, I am the only person who has ever had survey data published in an academic journal that answers that. And I found that, by the standards of what one generally observes in the social science literature, the relationship between core Leftist beliefs and LOW intelligence was quite strong. Leftists in general are dumb. See here.

And the emails I get from Leftists certainly confirm that. Usually their only real content is abuse and they usually cannot even do that without making frequent errors in spelling and grammar. I reproduce below one of the briefer such examples of towering intellect that I have received:

OH ! so now we know , your a Nazi .Then fuck off to Washington and join your buddies ( do they even know you exist), you nasty little hate filled jerk. And when you go do fly Al quieda only their pilot was trained by the yanks too !!


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