Thursday, February 16, 2006


It's not just Chinese material they censor but also stuff appearing on their own Western blogspot blogs

Paste the following search string into Google: "Nothing in their present policies will affect illegally acquired firearms". MSN Search ( finds it here:

But when I tried last night, Google did not find it, even though it is on one of their own blogspot blogs! And it is not just any old blog. According to Technorati, it is a blog that 28 other sites link to. You sure must have to be big-time to attract the attention of Google!

Or try the string of text: "MORE PUBLIC HOSPITAL NEGLIGENCE". MSN Search correctly found it here:

but Google could not find it at all. And 13 other sites link to that blog according to Technorati

Or try the following string of text: "UC SECRECY ABOUT CORRUPT DEAL". MSN Search does not record the blogspot site concerned ( but it does instead record a backup copy here:

Google did not record it at all. Yet, according to Technorati, 21 sites link to that blog.

I think Google is on the skids. All the blogs above are mine and they are of course very anti-Leftist. Is that why they are ignored even though they have lots of links leading to them? And my blogs are not just raves either. I have a massive academic background in the field I cover. When will I be good enough for Google? And note that all the searches are of 2005 posts. Google have had plenty of time to find the stuff.

Bill Gates owns MSN Search and it seems that he is a lot less evil than Google. Isn't competition great? So scrap your Google toolbar and get a MSN toolbar.


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