Friday, February 17, 2006


My post about Google yesterday got an unusually big response from readers. Apparently I am far from alone in being dubious about Google. I wouldn't put it past them to arbitrarily delete this blog. So do take note of my mirror sites now in case that happens.

A New Zealand reader duplicated my three searches of yesterday and was given links to my backup copies for two of the blogs concerned but nothing at all for the third blog. In all three cases however, Google could not find the blogspot sites! I myself have just repeated the searches and got nothing at all for all 3 blogs. Very bad!

There are extensive details here of how Google has censored "Jihad Watch" and below are a couple more examples that were emailed to me which resulted from queries made using Google Blog Search:

Google seems to have got its act together after the two searches immediately above were done but it does look as if certain search terms have to be "approved" by someone in authority at Google before responses to them can be allowed. It does inspire the thought that if a big-time blogger like Michelle can be so censored, what hope is there for little guys like me? Go MSN Search!


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