Friday, January 16, 2004


The Democrats seem to be back on the socialized medficine trail -- but they don't have to look further than New York to see where it leads. One of my medical correspondents comments: "And most doctors simply don't want to practice in NY State because of this nonsense - so the State subsidizes medical education (I don't know where these doctors end up, but I can tell you that several Anesthesia Residents we fired from our (Backward Southern) institution were immediately hired in NY (Progressive, Enlightened) because they were short on doctors)"

Bin Laden losing: "The United States' global 'war on terrorism' has clearly entered a new phase. Regardless of how one feels about the US-led war in Iraq, the results of that war, and especially the increased capability that US forces have shown in fighting terrorism, capturing Saddam Hussein and gaining valuable intelligence thereby, have had a decisive effect.

FrontPage seems to be taking the phenomenon of white nationalism seriously. Confronted by whites arguing for "group rights" in the same way that minority advocates do, some multicuturalists now seem to have re-discovered the benefits of colour blind integrationism.

Virginia Postrel has an excellent summary article on the free-market and other ideas of Friedrich Hayek and the way his ideas took decades to be recognized for the great insights that they are.

This article about evangelical Christianity in America rings true. The author sees it as being anything but fanatical and a long way from the Protestant dogmatism of the past.

The lowdown on the "condom in my soup" case.

An Australian atomic physicist has put links to "PC Watch" and "Dissecting Leftism" on his home page -- and I do get a few hits off it. Should be more of it!

Donald Luskin has a lot of good jokes up at the moment. I particularly liked the one about GWB and the Pope.

A government commuter railroad kills: "NSW State Rail has knowingly operated defective trains since 1988, according to a report that blames the authority for the Waterfall rail disaster that killed seven people last January."

China Hand has just posted on his other site yet another attempt to drum sense into people about the folly of "protecting" jobs. GWB's recent steel tariff fiasco shows that this ailment of the brain can afflict even those who are supposed to be in favour of free trade. China Hand is also addressing a committed conservative -- his brother -- and uses the example of Australia's large-scale abandonment of protectionism to show how beneficial that is.

The Wicked one has lots of funnies up.


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