Sunday, January 11, 2004


"Former US president Bill Clinton said in October during a visit to Portugal that he was convinced Iraq had weapons of mass destruction up until the fall of Saddam Hussein, Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Manuel Durao Barroso said". Portuguese blogger Valete Fratres (post of 9th) gives a selection of quotes from what Clinton said as President that back up the story. So if Bush lied, Clinton lied too!

Maybe I am easily amused but this comment about General Wesley Clark in Opinion Journal made me laugh: "Clark, who has never run for office and has spent virtually his entire adult life in the military, has had far less contact with women than have most politicians (to say nothing of Bill Clinton)...."

Bernard Chapin is a good man. He has just "interviewed" me (via email) for Men's News Daily.

An excellent article about Rush Limbaugh's painkiller problems and the relentless media attack on him. One excerpt: "About the criminal probes, Limbaugh attorney Roy Black asks rhetorically, "Of all of the . . . millions of people who've become addicted to painkillers, some very well-known people, have you ever seen search warrants served on their doctor's offices? Have you ever watched people on television leafing through records, calling out the names of their doctors and a list of medications they were using? Has anyone ever seen that before? The first person is Rush Limbaugh. And you have to ask yourself, why is that?"

Good to see a glimmering of sense entering the discussion of the African AIDS "epidemic". I have always pointed out (e.g. here) that in Africa almost any serious disease is automatically attributed to AIDS. It seems that the official wisdom is beginning to agree. With just a little more care about their statistics, they have reduced the number of cases in Kenya from 3 million to 1 million, for instance. But what's a couple of million people between friends?

Wow! The famous Tuskegee experiment of the 1930s which left syphilitic blacks untreated is now routinely held up as an example of wicked racist deeds. BUT, someone who has looked behind the hype reports: "I also learned that the study emerged out of a liberal progressive public health movement concerned about the health and wellbeing of the African-American population" Those racist liberals! And it was only blacks who appeared to have got over the disease who were left untreated anyway.

The "Carnegie" study that strongly criticises the Iraq policies of the Bush administration has got a lot of press. The authors are presented as "experts" and "researchers". In fact, two of the authors worked for Clinton. The third author, Joseph Cirincione, has proven himself to be a hardline Bush-hater and a foe of the "neo-conservatives". David Kaspar has the details.


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