Friday, January 16, 2004


Unemployment and the tyranny of aggregates It was sad state of affairs when in late 2001 economic news from the US surprised and contradicted our economic commentators. For sometime I had been predicting a significant rise in unemployment as America's recession unfolded. So what happened?
Bush, Beijing and al Qaeda By striking hard and swiftly against terrorists, by imposing on them and their paymasters a terrible price, Bush not only sent a vitally important message to other terrorists and their potential supporters but also to Beijing's generals. For this the world should be immensely grateful.
Why increased consumption hampered America's economic recovery Greenspan's policy of trying to promote increased consumption hindered economic recovery in America. Concentrating on consumption at the expense of production is a recipe for prolonging recessions.
The media, Iraq and the traitor Burchett Even though the Soviet Empire collapsed some years ago many of our so-called journalists still refuse to call those Westerners who worked for the murderous KGB traitors.
Addressing the causes of terrorism: A cry from the Quisling Left There is a cry from the Quislings and fifth columnists among us that we must not only address terrorism, but to also "address the causes of terrorism". I shall address it right now.
Hillary Clinton's acceptable level of homicide To Hillary Clinton and her progressive friends more dead blacks and Hispanics was a small price to pay to fulfil her ambition to become the country's first female president.

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The Tugboat is getting all churned up at the moment over the well-established fact that conservatives are happier than Leftists. He first fusses over whether the differences in a recent Gallup poll are statistically significant -- apparently unaware that statistical significance is just a way of allowing for small sample size and, as such, irrelevant to large public opinion polls -- unless very small subsections of them are being examined separately. His post was too long and rambling for me to read right through but he appears to be convinced that conservatives are only happier because they are more self-deluded! I guess that, as a Leftist, he has to believe that.

No doubt some study of 30 American college students somewhere has shown that happy people are more self-deluded. American college students are very obliging about giving their Leftist psychology professors what they want. I have critiqued such studies too often to want to do it again. The phenomenon even has a name. It is called The Rosenthal Effect.


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