Thursday, January 29, 2004


The US economy losing its manufacturing base? Although most economists and economic commentators have rationalised the shift from manufacturing into services as a natural process brought about by increased living standards, it should be noted that this view is merely an opinion presented as economic analysis.
The balance of payments myth Dr Shostak exposes some of the myths behind much comment of our so-called balance-of-payments problems, and argues that government foreign debt is the only type of debt that should concern us.
Technology, investment, risk and state interference Now that Carmen Lawrence, Australia's foremost economic thinker, has been appointed the Australian Labor Party's national president, it's time to revisit the intellectual pretensions of this would-be central economic planner.
The Left and the corruption of language and thought Once language is corrupted, the whole process of thought is corrupted too. George Orwell made this point painfully clear in his 1984. It is our responsibility to never allow the left to get away with the kind of language that corrupts and distorts our thinking.
Hanson's medianomics Pauline Hanson's One Nation's got its economics from its left-wing media critics, the very same ones who mocked her as an economic illiterate.

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