Monday, January 26, 2004


What a lot of waffle and nonsense America's "liberal" intellectuals come up with! The latest NYT column by Robert Kagan is typical of their breastbeating. America is said to be in a fight for "legitimacy". What rot! Who cares? And where is this "legitimacy" (whatever that may be) to be decided? In the corrupt political circles of Paris, perhaps? What a laugh!

The average American is an isolationist -- he just wants be left alone. He knows next to nothing about the outside world and cares less. America was dragged into two world wars with great reluctance (remember Pearl Harbour?) and it is only after the 9/11 attack on America that American troops went in to Afghanistan and Iraq to cauterize at least some of the support for any further Islamic madness. Anyone who thinks that the average American enjoys hearing of their young men dying in Iraq on a daily basis needs a brain transplant. If the world leaves America alone, America will leave the world alone. Many Americans think their system is best and think the rest of the world should adopt it but (aside from very limited humanitarian interventions) it is only a perceived threat to America itself or to America's future that will drum up any enthusiasm for risking the spilling their young men's blood.

Repeated and large-scale American bombings of any community that harbours or supports terrorists would do a lot more good than any waffle about "legitimacy". Clinton's bombing of the Serbs set a good example there. And the notable backpedalling in the Islamic world after the capture of Saddam is also proof of the need for action rather than talk. The exercise of power is one thing the Islamic world DOES understand and respond to. I am sure that the average Islamicist would be highly amused about Kagan's idea that America could somehow gain "legitimacy" with them. And it is only the Islamicists that America has to worry about these days. Who else is going to attack America? France? They wouldn’t have the time: They’d be too busy telling one-another how clever they are.


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