Wednesday, January 28, 2004


Enviro-imperialism: "International environmentalists finally are being held accountable for the havoc they are wreaking around the world. On Jan. 20, the Congress of Racial Equality -- a 62-year-old, New York-based civil rights group -- and the Women's National Republican Club convened a Manhattan teach-in to begin educating the public on what they call 'eco-imperialism.' Countless Third Worlders still plunge into darkness every dusk. After they fall asleep, they dream about such things as lights, running water and the defeat of diseases Westerners cannot even remember. Then these Third Worlders awaken ... to none of the above. American and European environmentalists help maintain this grim status quo, even as they claim to pursue the best interests of black, yellow and brown people the world over. Meanwhile, these First World citizens enjoy refrigerators, indoor plumbing, Internet access and CAT scans. This toxic hypocrisy is the core of eco-imperialism".

Wind farms in the gun again: The low frequency sound from them makes people sick who live anywhere near them. Ban them! They were once of course the Greenie solution to just about everything.

The "Wizard of Id" on Global Warming -- great cartoon.

The far Left is deep Green. The facts don't matter to them there either: "No doubt trying to distract attention from the recent Bush-Hitler ad controversy and its sponsorship of an event where B-list celebrities used the F-word to describe Republicans, the liberal organization hosted an event on global warming recently in a freezing New York City. The speaker was a man whom few associate with cursing, former Vice President Al Gore. Yet, ironically for an organization called MoveOn, Gore's speech was very much stuck in the past."


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