Saturday, July 24, 2004


Further to my recent post about the Moore that we need less of, there a couple of other catalogues of the deceit in his "9/11" film here and here. And the WSJ sees the film as an exercise in reinforcing Leftist elitism.

Dick McDonald summarizes the Sandy Berger coverup with admirable brevity. You won't hear about it on CBS, though. And the Kerry campaign seem to be in coverup mode about it too.

Amusing: John Kerry thinks he knows Catholic doctrine on the death penalty better than the Catholic theologians do!

A comment from one of my medical correspondents: "Where are the "feminazis" when it comes to John Edwards? Edwards and his kind have caused the physical mutilation of more women in the US than any other group - by creating such hysteria against malpractice that the number of unnecessary Caesarians has skyrocketed - not only greatly increasing the cost, but at the price of a sliced belly and all the pain and complications that result. These "liberated women" are anything but - they are slaves to the trial lawyers - and they tend to vote Democratic"

A good one from Taranto: "Everyone agrees that black holes suck, but "after 29 years of thinking about it, Stephen Hawking says he was wrong" about them... Can we conclude that HAWKING LIED!!!!, or is this just an intelligence failure on a cosmic scale? One thing we're sure of: The U.N. should have sent more inspectors to black holes.

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Puzzle 1: Leftists always say that human nature is fundamentally good and that people can be trusted. So why do they say that whilst at the same time wanting to regulate everybody to death and take as many decisions and choices out of the hands of the individual as they possibly can? Easy: They say that about human nature because, if it is true, then THEY are good at heart and can be trusted -- and, given their destructive deeds, they need all the propaganda help they can get in that regard.

Puzzle 2: Why do "postmodern" Leftists make the strange claim that everything ever written has to be interpreted in terms of how it serves power? Easy: Because everything THEY say is directed towards getting themselves power

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