Monday, July 19, 2004


This review of a book by the righteous Garrison Keillor is amusing. After hearing a torrent of mindless abuse directed at conservatives in the usual Leftist style, we learn that in his youth Keillor "joined the campus radio station, unwittingly broadcasting the news for six months to nobody because the transmitter had burned out". Definitely a man of good judgment and realism, wouldn't you say? Sounds like typical Leftist lack of reality-checking to me. Like all Leftists, Keillor asserts that anyone who does not share his simplistic approach to welfare therefore opposes all welfare -- completely ignoring the fact that the three greatest welfare innovators in history -- Disraeli, Bismarck and TR -- were all conservatives! See here. Did you ever wonder why the U.S. Social Security Administration has a picture of this Prussian militarist up on their site? It's not only because of his great hat.

From Keillor, you would never guess that twenty-seven out of thirty-three Republican senators supported the famous 1964 civil rights bill or that twenty-one Democrat senators voted against it. And the Garrison that Garrison Keillor was named after was presumably the great anti-slavery activist, William Lloyd Garrison, who "remained an active Republican until his death in 1879". Leftists are good at propaganda but only because they ignore the facts. (Link to the review via What If).


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