Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Germans more "xenophobic". Does nothing change? "46 percent of Americans said immigration was a bad influence and 42 percent a good influence; 57 percent of Germans rated immigration bad and 39 percent good in Germany"

Australians will laugh about this one: "As of June 20, 2002, there were 414,000 New Zealanders living in Australia; the migration of New Zealanders to Australia is the highest rate of migration between industrial countries". But the socialist N.Z. government won't be laughing. How come people never vote with their feet TOWARDS that comfy socialism? (Don't tell me. I know. Socialism = poverty).

"Apprehensions of Mexicans just inside the US border totaled 1.1 million in FY03, and are on track to top 1.2 million in FY04"

About 10 percent of the 115 million persons born in Mexico have migrated to the US, and Mexicans continue to settle in the US at the rate of about 500,000 a year. Mexicans are coming from most areas of Mexico"

"On July 1, 2003, the US had 39.9 million Hispanics, up from 35.6 million in April 2000; there were 38.7 million Blacks and 237.7 million non-Hispanic whites. The number of Asian-Americans was 13.5 million, up from 12 million in 2000.... Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry in June 2004 said he opposed giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. .... The "Protect Arizona Now" (PAN) Initiative appears to have qualified for the November 2, 2004 ballot. If approved by voters, it would deny state-funded services to the estimated 350,000 unauthorized foreigners in the state, require people registering to vote in Arizona to prove they are U.S. citizens and to show an ID when voting, and make it a misdemeanor punishable by a $750 fine and up to four months in jail for any state employee to fail to report illegal immigrants applying for services".

Canadian nonsense: "Almost two-thirds of the professionals arriving in Canada under the point system are engineers, but many cannot get licenses to work as engineers... Canada has an estimated 600,000 Muslims, and critics say the government does not do enough to prevent the immigration and naturalization of terrorists. Algerian-born Ahmed Ressam was arrested in December 1999 trying to enter the United States from Canada in a car packed with explosives. Ressam ignored a Canadian deportation order and managed to obtain a Canadian passport.... Some 880 foreign women received work permits to be nude dancers in Canada in 2003. Two-thirds were Romanians with one-year work permits. Exotic dancers are considered a shortage occupation by Canada's Labor Department".

Even the Dutch are learning: "The Dutch, who took over presidency of the expanded EU on July 1, 2004, called for tough new EU-wide immigration laws that would speed the expulsion of unsuccessful asylum seekers and unauthorized foreigners. The Dutch Parliament recently adopted a bill that should result in deportation of 26,000 failed asylum seekers, many of whom have been in the country for years."

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters, a Maori who opposes higher immigration levels, charged that New Zealand was being turned into an "Asian colony"


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