Saturday, March 12, 2005


There is an interview with Jim Wallis the editor of Sojourners in the Leftist Mother Jones magazine in which Wallis tries to explain why Christians should be Leftists. Being a scripture blogger, I would have to write a very long article to point out all the dubious theology in the interview but I thought I might point out a couple of points that amused me. Some excerpts first:

"The Right is comfortable with the language of religion, values, God talk. So much so that they sometimes claim to own that territory. Or own God. But then they narrow everything down to one or two issues: abortion and gay marriage. I am an evangelical Christian, and I can't ignore thousands of verses in the Bible on [another] subject, which is poverty.... Jesus didn't speak at all about homosexuality. There are about 12 verses in the Bible that touch on that question. Most of them are very contextual. There are thousands of verses on poverty. I don't hear a lot of that conversation"

Notice how he just changes the subject on abortion. He says he can't ignore thousands of verses about poverty but he can apparently ignore verses relevant to abortion. And how about this verse? How does this fit in with the Leftist crusade to eliminate poverty? "For ye have the poor always with you" (Matthew 26:11). I guess that one can be ignored too. And how is the context going to change the meaning of Romans 1:26-32 or 1 Corinthians 6:9? Both scriptures make perfectly clear that homosexuality bars one from entering Heaven so it would take a real priest of the Devil to advise people to ignore such scriptures, would it not? If you can only be a Leftist by ignoring half of the Bible I think that speaks for itself. I also have a couple of posts on my scripture blog relevant to the Wallis misrepresentations. See here and here.


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