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There is a popular post on Daily Kos at the moment by a descendant of a Jewish survivor of the Nazi concentration camps. His conclusion about what gave rise to those camps?

"Now when I see the hate and bigotry that comes out of those that call them "Christians" or "Moral People", I know that this is how it began seven decades ago in Europe. It was too late, when people finally woke up, millions had been carted away in cattle cars to their deaths. I don't want to see that here or anywhere else. I do not want there to be cattle cars filled with people that these hate mongers scream out against. I do not want to see gays, liberals, Mexicans, hippies, Hollywood Actors or anyone else have to be tattooed with a number".

So the Christians were responsible for Hitler and the current group most similar to the Nazis are Christians. The fact that Hitler was a socialist and that he persecuted Christians is not admitted. The fact that Leftists from Marx & Engels onwards have been filled with hate for vast sections of the human race is not admitted. The fact that Christians had NOTHING to do with any of the vast genocides of the 20th century is not admitted. The fact that no Christian group has sent or tried to send any gays, liberals, Mexicans, hippies or Hollywood actors to concentration camps is not admitted. That's quite a delusional system he's got there but reality is so pesky for Leftists that they need such delusions.



A great victory for jobs: "The Senate defeated dueling proposals Monday to raise the $5.15-an-hour minimum wage one backed by organized labor, the other salted with pro-business provisions in a day of skirmishing that reflected Republican gains in last fall's elections. Both plans fell well short of the 60 votes needed to advance"

Syria's friend: "Responding to three weeks of anti-Syria demonstrations, a massive, Hezbollah-organized rally filled a central Beirut square Tuesday to show support for Syria and reject a U.N. resolution that calls for complete and immediate withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon".

V.D. Hanson: "The invasion of Iraq was not to loot its oil treasure, but more likely to cease the recycling of its petrodollars that went to terrorists and weapons procurement..... Those who scream ``no blood for oil'' would do better to chant ``no oil money for bloody terrorists and dictators.''

Leftist false prophets: "While liberals clung to the peculiar notion that Arabs don't mind being oppressed, so long as they are being oppressed by dictators who hate the United States, Bush believed Muslims would embrace liberty and democracy if the tyrants' boots were removed from their necks. He then proceeded to remove those boots in Afghanistan and Iraq. And now the "Arab street" has spoken in a manner liberals never expected.... Liberals underestimate what can be accomplished by courage and resolve because these are not qualities they possess."

There is a very touching story here from the son of a survivor of the Armenian genocide who found refuge in America.

The usual Leftist exhibitionists: "Prince Charles rebuffed bare-breasted protesters, ignored abusive anti-monarchists and battled a cold blast on a whirlwind visit to Wellington yesterday. Two women were arrested after a topless display before the prince in Civic Square as they protested against colonisation and for the right to breast cancer screening.... Protesters Hanah Plante, 22, and Holly Emma Goldman were arrested after exposing their breasts. Plante had "Get your colonisation shame off my breasts" written across her chest and later said she was protesting against colonialism, which meant women could no longer go bare-breasted."

There is an interesting email on Gun Watch about the various weapons being used in Iraq.

My latest posting on MarxWords notes that Engels advocated abuse a method of argument. Leftists have certainly learnt THAT lesson! My latest posting on "A scripture blog" looks again at why Jesus was not recognized after his resurrection.



That power only, not principles, is what matters to Leftists is perfectly shown by the 2004 Kerry campaign. They put up a man whose policies seemed to be 99% the same as George Bush's even though the Left have previously disagreed violently with those policies. "Whatever it takes" is their rule.

Leftists are phonies. For most of them all that they want is to sound good. They don't care about doing good. That's why they do so much harm. They don't really care what the results of their policies are as long as they are seen as having good intentions.

The Big Lie of the late 20th century was that Nazism was Rightist. It was in fact typical of the Leftism of its day. It was only to the Right of Stalin's Communism. The very word "Nazi" is a German abbreviation for "National Socialist"

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