Sunday, March 06, 2005


What is causing the falling dollar? Once the gold standard was abandoned and Keynesianism took hold it was guaranteed that the world would be subjected to volatile exchange rates, depreciating currencies and recurring international financial crises
Social security: why private accounts will work Why private accounts are superior to the present social security system
Social security: what the Democrats won't tell you If the Democrats win on social security Americans can kiss their `assets and incomes' goodbye
Edward D. Wood Jr, the threat of climate change, and left-wing credulity The greens' climate change arguments have more in common with the films of Edward D. Wood Jr than anything to do with science
No such thing as a no-strings-attached welfare state The Irish State has been taking pensions off old folk who were in public nursing homes, since 1970.
Green economic illiteracy, money-grubbing CEOs and windmills Victoria's Labor Government is wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on windmill farms. These economic and scientific illiterates have been conned into this insanity by a bunch of fanatical greens and money-grubbing CEOs
US economy, free trade and jobs Some commentators are still echoing Paul Craig Roberts' concerns about the effects of free trade policies on the US economy

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