Saturday, July 09, 2005


The US trade deficit with China and protectionist myths The US trade deficit with China has rekindled cries about the "level playing field" and "fair trade" that are becoming ever more strident
Clerical hypocrisy takes aim at the Liberal Party It should be obvious, even to left-wing clerics, that if the churches insist on engaging in economic debates then they have a grave responsibility to educate themselves in economic theory
The Brotherhood of St. Laurence and its anti-job agenda The self-righteousness Brotherhood of St. Laurence claims that wage flexibility only "promotes greater poverty and misery for low wage workers and their families"
Union economist denies economic laws If your raise the price of any product above its market clearing value demand will fall and a surplus will emerge and vice versa. That is, unless you are a trade union
Unions, unemployment and wages Union leaders, social workers, clerics, labour politicians and 'journalists' are claiming that the Government's proposed labour market reforms will have terrible consequences for real wages


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