Wednesday, July 06, 2005


"ICJS Research formed to express the concerns of Australian citizens about a broad range of issues such as terrorism, appeasement, tolerance, war and justice in society. We note that these issues are not debated in the media, and where they are dealt with it is often done in an imbalanced manner. We struggle to redress imbalance in the media. ICJS Research has focused on Australian Broadcasting Corporation's recurring patterns of imbalance in many areas, such as the Iraq War, Middle East affairs, Green issues. ABC reporters and programming heads consistently make incorrect judgements on what is relevant to report in the Middle East".

Below are some of the more popular articles available on their site:

"T" is for Freedom fighter
Speech made at Columbia Uni by Brigitte Gabriel
Muslims join Jews to celebrate Passover
Daniel Scot's (in)credible testimony
Rabbi Groner
PA Corruption
ABA unwilling to confront imbalance
Faith in the path of the Tsunami
The question is: Can the ABC control its troops?
Secretary General's political capital
DiCaprio devastated by Tsunami
Pipes criticises Middle East leaders
Aunty won't be pleased!


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