Saturday, February 28, 2004


The recession started under Clinton, not Bush No matter what the Democrats and their media stooges claim, the recession began under Clinton and not Bush - and this article proves it.
The Dems' pet scientists lie about Bush Democrats who are scientists have now joined the Party's smear campaign against Bush by falsely accusing him of attacking science.
A Murdoch reporter joins the Democrats against Bush One of Rupert Murdoch's Bush-hating journalists tries to stick it to Bush on behalf of Kerry and Cleland.
Murderous ban on DDT defended by scientists Scientists who defended the ban on DDT that killed millions get hauled over the coals.
How London's red mayor is driving the poor off the city's roads The higher the tax the more the better off will benefit by having more road space for their driving. Think of it this way: the better off pay a tax which is used as a device to coerce the less well off out of their cars.
A Murdoch reporter reveals his loathing for Bush and Israel In order to show how bad some reporters are, one must occasionally return to the scene, so to speak, of some of their previous crimes. This is certainly the case with Roy Eccleston.
Iraq & President Bush: On behalf of the dead A Brazilian author and philosopher takes to task critics of President Bush who refuse to admit the enormous good he did by overthrowing Saddam.

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