Wednesday, February 25, 2004


From one of my correspondents: "Homosexual men already have equal marriage rights -- the right to marry a woman".

P.P. McGuinness on homosexual marriage: "Why should homosexuals when they have had all obstacles removed to making any arrangement of their affairs between themselves that they want to, insist on going through a form of marriage, and on calling it marriage? Clearly, they assign a greater significance to marriage than considering it just a civil contract, as do most heterosexuals. In principle, it seems they want the community to give them the kind of social approval which goes with marriage. The difficulty with this is that the social approval that goes with marriage has traditionally been related to a whole complex of beliefs about the desirability of stable and loving heterosexual union, usually intended to result in children produced by the natural methods."

Public schools are promoting homosexuality to kids: "Teachers and kids can't talk about Jesus Christ, Moses or Biblical ethics - at least not in a positive, plausible sense - in the classroom. But they can talk about Timmy and Tommy the Testicle Twins? About Daddy's male roommate? About anal sex and oral sex between teenagers of the same sex? Parents - the innocence you work your butt off trying to provide for your kids at home is being eroded, undermined or at least under-valued within the New Public School.

Keith Burgess-Jackson has lots of scholarly stuff on the homosexual marriage issue.


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