Sunday, February 22, 2004


Is this the most sanctimonious site on the internet? "We, an organization of white Americans, express our deep remorse for the ongoing wrongs committed by our people against Black men, women and children in the U.S. and throughout the Diaspora who are descendants of enslaved Africans. We see the United States of America as immoral from its very foundation .... We support and advocate reparations proposals put forward by Black leaders, recognizing that white Americans have no part in deciding what is required to repair and restore the descendants of enslaved Africans individually and collectively, and that these decisions belong to Black people alone" How warm and wonderful they must feel!

Thomas Sowell says claims for restitution for slavery or colonization undermine human brotherhood. Look at the example of the Germans and Czechs: "Relations between today's Germany and today's Czech Republic - both consisting mostly of people who were not even born when any of these events happened - are strained because of unresolved problems growing out of attempts to right the wrongs of the 17th century."


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