Monday, February 23, 2004


Robert Bidinotto, of, recently posted a commentary on the ongoing campaign by a well-heeled green group, Oceana, to intimidate the Google search engine company. Oceana is attempting to use harassment and other tactics to pressure Google to carry attack ads against the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. After Oceana was notified about Bidinotto's commentary, one of the group's staff wrote a reply. In it, he attempted to rationalize Oceana's flagrant thuggery -- which includes publishing on its Web site the private contact information of Google and Royal Caribbean officers, and encouraging its members to subject those individuals to further harassment and intimidation. Bidinotto has now published a new response to Oceana. And "since turnabout is fair play," the letter includes the e-mail addresses of Oceana's relevant officers and staff members.

Patrick Moore, Greenpeace founder, now green apostate, versus his former co-religionists: "Compromise and co-operation among environmentalists, government, industry and academia are essential for sustainability. Not all my former colleagues saw things that way, however. Many environmentalists rejected consensus politics and sustainable development in favour of continued confrontation, ever-increasing extremism, and left-wing politics. At the beginning of the modern environmental movement, Ayn Rand published Return of the Primitive, which contained an essay by Peter Schwartz The Anti-Industrial Revolution. In it, he warned that the new movement's agenda was anti-science, anti-technology, and anti-human.... They have alienated themselves from scientists, intellectuals and internationalists. It seems inevitable that the media and the public will, in time, see the insanity of their position".

Green religion: "David Brower is, by wide agreement, the most influential environmentalist of the past 50 years. In the 1950s and 1960s he pioneered many of the tactics later used by environmentalists to stop the construction of dams, roads, shopping centers, and all manner of projects all over the United States. He was the executive director of the Sierra Club for seventeen years, and later founded another environmental organization, Friends of the Earth. Brower was also a leading figure in a book by one of the most observant chroniclers of our time, John McPhee. In Encounters with the Archdruid, McPhee wrote in 1971 that "Brower, who talks to groups all over the country about conservation, refers to what he says as The Sermon." McPhee found that, "to put it mildly, there is something evangelical about Brower".

"Sustainable development" in the Third world: "WORLDwrite believes that there is a danger of these policies sustaining poverty, rather than alleviating it."

"The [UK] government is to go ahead with genetically modified crops despite what it acknowledges is considerable public resistance, cabinet committee papers passed to the Guardian reveal. The minutes of the discussion -- which was held eight days ago and involved senior cabinet ministers including the foreign secretary, Jack Straw, and the environment secretary, Margaret Beckett -- disclose the government's final decision to give the green light to the first crop of GM maize in Britain."

The Greenies have nobbled our water heaters!. Hot water systems are all now routinely set at a temperature too low to kill bugs. But you can turn yours up and you will then live in a house that is a lot healthier to be in.

Dodging Greenie oppression: "A few years ago, my wife and I began seeing refrigerators and air conditioners lining the ditches on roads outside of Tulsa. It was strange; in the middle of the night people would come along and push old air conditioners off trucks into the ditches and fields. ... But what made us wonder was the sheer number of them and the ones that kept being added once we became aware of the problem. Why were so many people littering the outskirts of our lovely town?"


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