Saturday, May 24, 2003


In response to my recent note about the attempt in Maine to force drug prices down for the uninsured, one of my readers who is a medical specialist writes:

This drug price control will just result in a shortage of drugs - for "the poor" - NPR had a good discussion of this issue. One way the drug companies can wiggle around this is to restrict their supply; and the insurance companies can apply restrictions on distribution, like requiring pre-approval; when "the poor" realize that they will have to make another trip to the doctor's office to obtain pre-approval, etc.. many will not go back and simply will not get their drugs.

There is no free lunch. Following all the pressure to discount anti-AIDS drugs for Africa's "poor", there has been a great reduction of new such drugs - no surprises here. Likewise - there have been few new drugs for malaria - most of the people who need them the most can't afford them. Of course, "need" is simply not a market force - some people are just out of luck.

Fortunately, some have developed common sense in this area - South Africans have re-discovered DDT and the incidence of malaria has dropped greatly - again, no surprises - except to Greenies like Christie Whitman; I always believed she was an airhead when, as Governor of NJ, she fired the chief of the NJ State Police when he said "of course, we profile"



A smoker among my readers has reproached me for saying that people have a “right” to breathe unpolluted air. To clarify: I am not an anarcho-capitalist -- though I did once trifle with the idea. Like most libertarians I am a Minimal Statist -- which means that I see some role for laws. It seems to me that air pollution is a case in point. 300 years of capitalism did nothing to clear up London's smog but the Clean Air Act did the trick. So I support restrictions on air pollution -- whether emanating from factories, cars or smokers. Breathing is pretty basic and so therefore is pollution of it.



Why does Ralph Nader bat for Arafat against Israel?: Nader is more than just a hypocrite. His support for Arafat was a backdoor way of denying the right of Israel to exist _ and what would that mean for Jews everywhere? Bunny Champers: media corruption and the Iraqi war.: It still pains an old battle scarred war correspondent like myself to recall how his fellow scribes refused to report the truth about Saddam and how they lied about the looting and the hospitals so as to make the Yankee Doodle Dandies look bad. Oil prices and energy taxes: another green con.: Free markets, not taxes, conserve resources. This is really basic stuff. When the supply of any resource falls its price rises. Eventually the price reaches a point where the cost of producing an additional unit exceeds the demand. This is why we never run out of resources in a free market.

Details here



Wow! Britain is to get a national ID card. I thought only the Europeans went in for that sort of thing. When the Hawke Labor government tried to bring one in for Australia there was a huge outcry that finally knocked the idea on the head. Though I must say that I cannot see what honest people have to fear from it. But at least the new UK legislation will include a further clampdown on the appeal rights of rejected asylum seekers and measures to tackle those who destroy their documents on arrival in Britain.

This EU constitution that Britain looks likely to adopt will essentially make Britain no longer an independent country and will remove from its Parliament most of its powers in favour of dictates from Brussels. If the British accept that they deserve what they get. An Indian reader has emailed me with the claim that Indians under the British Raj had more rights and independence than Britain would have under the new EU constitution. No wonder Tony Blair does not want to put the thing to a referendum. He knows it would be rejected.

All that antiterrorism experience in N. Ireland may come in handy: "Coalition chiefs plan to send 5,500 British paratroopers to Baghdad to save US troops from losing control of the Iraqi capital."



Clever! Israel has accepted the nutty US “roadmap” for peace. Why? Because they know the Palis will never fulfil their part of it so the whole thing will fall in a heap anyway.

What fun! The “diversity” mania of American colleges and universities is now causing better-qualified girls to be excluded in favour of boys! Feminists will love that. Will we now see feminists AGAINST affirmative action?

James Glaser makes a persuasive case for the view that there is still NOTHING stopping more terrorists and their deadly cargo from entering the United States.

Chris Brand notes that eugenics has just found some support on the Left and that Enoch Powell is getting new respect.

Michael Darby wonders at the continued glamorization of the brutal Fidel Castro.

China hand discusses the merits of renting versus buying in China.

The Wicked one is critical of both the Federal Reserve banking system and the FBI

In my academic posting of May 23rd. here, I try to inject a bit of psychometric sophistication into the measurement of chronic anxiety.


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Friday, May 23, 2003


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I certainly do not agree with all of Henry Makow’s views but the point made in his post of 19th ( “The other side of holocaust denial”) that there have been many recent holocausts as reprehensible as the Jewish holocaust is undoubtedly true -- and that millions of Germans died AFTER World War II as a result of deliberate Allied policies seems also to be true. It does seem about time that these other holocausts became better known. Maybe the recent mini-holocausts in the Balkans (Kosovo, Bosnia) could have been prevented somehow if we had all long ago realized and accepted that it is in fact common for human beings to perpetrate mass slaughters of those they perceive as “other”. I personally grieve at the Jewish holocaust most because of the vast talent that was lost to the world in that terrible event but for Christians ALL human life is supposed to be sacred.

This article points out that many “holocaust revisionists” are Leftists and that only a minority are at all sympathetic to Nazism. It also tries to explain why such revisionism matters. But for the life of me I still do not get why it matters. If it was 1 million rather than 6 million Jews that the Nazis killed, how does that make the deed any more excusable?



British socialism has now got so bad that they cannot even afford to pay all their schoolteachers and are having to sack some of them. Sounds like Russia. One of their headmasters put his finger on the problem, though: "There is more money going into the system, but so much of it is taken up by bureaucracy that it is not finding its way to schools". You can bet that there will not be any bureaucrats sacked.

By lowering testing standards, some U.S. States hope to evade the penalties that a federal law imposes on schools whose students fare poorly on standardized tests. Anything rather than actually educate the kids!

Jeff Jacoby is pretty plainspoken about teachers’ unions and tells us that we need to recognize that first and foremost: “Teachers unions, like all unions, want to make money and amass power. Those are the motives behind everything they say and do. They're not in business "for the children." They're in business for themselves.”



A great victory for the USA/UK in the U.N. As big as the military victory in Iraq in a way. Russia too is once again decidedly friendly to the USA. Marvellous!

Arlene Peck's latest column -- commenting on the absurd "roadmap" for peace in Israel -- is up here (post of 22nd.)

The media love a panic. But another one has quietly faded away: The British Mad Cow death toll prediction has now been cut from 50,000 to 40. That might be some small comfort to the frantic Canadians.

A suburban Washington woman was in a Maryland jail Monday on charges of assaulting a 4-year-old after he spilled ice cream on her in a fast-food restaurant. Unbelievable. A little 4-year-old! I hope they give the bitch years inside.

Tobacco: A Florida court threw out the landmark $145 billion punitive award of 2000, saying the suit against cigarette makers should never have gone forward as a class-action. Great! I loathe smoking but blaming other people for your own bad decisions stinks even more.

The House gave final approval to President Bush's $15 billion global AIDS initiative on Wednesday. The US taxpayer must not have much to do with his/her money!

Tax cuts: Congressional Republicans have shown themselves just as willing to spend as Democrats. These bipartisan big spenders are the real source of deficit concerns -- not a modest tax cut.

President Bush said that the ban on genetically modified food had discouraged third world countries from using that technology, undermining efforts to end hunger in Africa. Good to hear that at least GWB is not captive to the Greenie lunatics.

Replacing Whitman: A new EPA director will have to confront the erroneous assumption that more federal regulations are the key to achieving greater environmental quality and that government can be expected to act as a better guardian than private individuals."

Chris Brand says that social class is not as important as sociologists think it is.

Michael Darby points to the heartless government policy that denies grandparents the right to be foster parents to their own grandchildren.

In my academic posting of May 22nd. here, I again look at the Leftist claim that conservatives are maladjusted and report survey evidence showing it to be false. The study concerned was done in conjunction with a prominent (Leftist) sociologist.


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Thursday, May 22, 2003


Opinion pollsters can certainly talk some garbage. There is an absurd bit of work here by a Canadian pollster which examines average Canadian attitudes WITHOUT taking into account the large French population in Canada. So -- surprise, surprise -- he finds that average Canadian attitudes to Iraq etc differ from average American attitudes. What a lamebrain! You don't need to be a sociologist to know that French and English Canadians have their differences. Had he tabulated the averages for French and English Canadians separately it might have told us something. And he concludes that the minority of Canadians who support the USA "are fortunate to live in a country where minority opinion is encouraged" -- as if the USA did not allow dissent! What a puffed-up nincompoop!

Note this more objective report of Canadian attitudes: "Opposition to the United States was heavily concentrated in French-speaking Quebec. In English Canada, a clear majority supported the liberation of Iraq, and two-thirds wanted Canada to help the allies"

And those Canadians who DO think that Canada is too good for the rest of us must have been getting a little rocked lately -- with Toronto recently quarantined over SARS and now Mad Cow disease in their beef herds.


Christie Whitman resigns. Good riddance to a Greenie dupe.

It looks like the US Federal government is getting involved in the anti-smoking push. Seems a bit excessive getting the Feds involved, let alone international treaties. In Australia it is a matter decided at State government level. I think that in much of the developed world we are not far off the point where smoking will be permitted only between consenting adults in private -- which seems to me a fair balance between respecting the right of the unfortunate addicts who need to smoke and the rest of us who have the right not to have have their air polluted.

Why on earth is the USA supposed to be responsible for the unending disasters of every African tinpot country?

Carnival of the Vanities is up again. Worth a look.

Tony Blair faced his fourth rebellion in two months last night as 34 Labour MPs defied government whips and voted against plans to curb the right to trial by jury Good show!

The Indonesians now have a 30,000- member force in Aceh trying to crush 5,000 poorly armed guerrillas in a dense, mountainous forest. The sides have been fighting since 1976, making this one of Asia's longest-running conflicts. I would normally be on the side of the independence fighters but since they are Muslim fanatics being opposed by Indonesia's secular government, I am rather on the government side this time -- despicable though the Indonesians were in East Timor.

"A federal children's health agency is funding a study of the sex habits of old men.
That's government for you.

Maine will use Medicaid, the federal health program for the poor, to force drugmakers to lower the costs of prescription drugs for uninsured residents, regardless of their income." So people who pay for their health insurance will have to subsidize the free-riders who do not! That's Lefty justice for you.

"Any charge that the U.S. military misrepresented the facts of Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch's rescue on April 1 from an Iraqi hospital to make the mission appear more dramatic or heroic is 'void of all facts and absolutely ridiculous' the Pentagon said Monday -- Responding to a BBC report that called the Pentagon accounts of the rescue 'one of the most stunning pieces of news management ever conceived,' Knowing the frantic Leftist and anti-American bias of the BBC I am inclined to believe the Pentagon.

"A Hamilton County grand jury today declined to indict Harold McKinney, a Citizens on Patrol Program member who police say shot a man May 8 as the man was robbing a Northside bar. Grand jurors ignored charges of felonious assault and carrying a gun in a liquor establishment, charges police had brought against McKinney." Thank goodness for the Grand Jury system! McKinney should never have been charged. The Police were just peeved that he was on their "turf" in the matter.

Michael Darby has a contemptuous letter to the French in which the writer points out what shalom means in Hebrew.

Chris Brand notes that the US Senate wants to give $15 billion to provide for programmes in Africa for "reducing sexual violence and coercion, including child marriage, widow inheritance and polygamy." That seems a lot of US taxpayer money for what is hardly a US vital interest.

The Wicked one points out some possible implications of the recent finding that Chimps and humans are almost identical genetically.

In my academic posting of May 21st here, I look at international levels of chronic anxiety (neuroticism) and find that the average level is surprisingly uniform from country to country -- consistent with the view that this basic personality variable is genertically determined rather than being the outcome of circumstances or environment. If you are the sensitive, worrying type, it is because you were born that way.


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Wednesday, May 21, 2003


Although Australia’s policy on illegal immigration has been a brilliant success -- stopping illegal immigration just about stone dead -- Australia still accepts large numbers of legal immigrants on compassionate grounds -- including lots of Muslim “refugees”. And they bring with them the attitudes that have messed up their own countries. As a reader writes:

It is interesting that with the upcoming Rugby world cup all the visiting teams are being housed here in Sydney, except for the US team which is being put up out at Bowral for security reasons because the security authorities are concerned about their safety from ethnic minorities in the Homebush region.

Regardless of one's views on the rights/wrongs of US foreign policy or the Iraq war, the fact that guests to this country can no longer be safe because of ethnic groups that our own authorities let in shows that something is quite wrong with our multiculturalism policies and the mindset of those communities. Whilst all the political focus is on refugees and mandatory detention, the basics of immigration policy ..what kind of country do we want.. get pushed out of view.



The UK government gave, after only four hours of effort, a British reporter "asylum status," meaning he now gets free housing, food and travel in the UK, when he came to them faking an East European accent and claiming that the government of Moldova would kill him if he returned to Moldova.

When they asked him for an ID he said he had none because it was too dangerous to carry any which was a good enough explanation for the Home Office Asylum Screening Unit, in Lunar House, Croydon, Surrey, for those of you who want someone to take care of you the rest of your life and who can fake an East European accent.

“Lunar House” -- sounds well-named in the circumstances.

The UK Sun 19-May-03. Via Jerry Lerman.



"Marijuana advocates across Canada are celebrating a May 16 Ontario court decision, which effectively legalized possession in Canada's largest province.

The Canadians are pretty incensed about pressure from the USA to abandon their permissive stance on Marijuana. I must say that I think the Canadians are right on this one. US Prohibition on alcohol did more harm than good. Why anyone thinks Marijuana use is any different escapes me. Though I myself have never used ANY illegal drug -- nor do I intend to.

And it has just been anounced in Australia that “Legalised cannabis will be prescribed to people suffering from chronic pain or wasting illnesses”



A 17-year-old German was convicted and sentenced to 3 1/2 years in jail on Tuesday on charges of taking four children hostage at gunpoint at their school last fall . 3 1/2 years? Surely any parent would want that garbage put away for life!

Surprise, surprise: United Nations officials looked the other way as Saddam Hussein's regime skimmed $2 billion to $3 billion in bribes and kickbacks from the UN Oil-for-Food Program

An amusing article on the new German/French/Belgian military force -- or was that “farce”?

John Derbyshire reminds us that mass-murderer Idi Amin -- with only 300,000 dead Ugandans to his “credit” -- is living a life of ease and luxury these days -- where? In Saudi Arabia. Strange that he has not been extradited to be tried as a war criminal, isn’t it? More about Amin here.

Daniel Pipes has a pretty appalling but well-documented story about how the Saudis BUY “protection” in Washington.

Big scientific discovery: politicians lie. “Politicians need to be more honest about lying," he told the newspaper.” (??).

Michael Darby notes how the Zimbabwe police now have no regard for the law.

Chris Brand notes recent false accusations of rape and the damage they have done.

The Wicked one does not think much of Martin Luther King.

In my academic posting of May 19th here, I show that older women tend to misrepresent themselves.


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Tuesday, May 20, 2003


Where you get your coffee beans from seems to have become something of a cause among Leftists looking for something with which to inflate their claims of “compassion”. Now that Vietnam has become a big producer of coffee-beans, the worldwide supply has increased greatly and the price, of course, has tumbled. So lots of coffee-bean producers in poor countries have had drastic cuts in their already low income. The big brains of the Left blame the problem on the coffee-roasting companies of course and try to heavy them in various ways.

In this report, however, the real solution to the problem is left to a single sentence at the end: Coffee-growers have to start diversifying into growing something else. Unforunately, however, even if they do, the determination of Western governments (USA, EU, Japan) to protect their own high-cost farmers with huge subsidies and tariffs makes it difficult for third-world farmers to get ANY of their their produce into our markets. So bring on free-trade! THAT is how to help third-world coffee growers. But how often do you hear of Leftists pushing for free-trade? The anti-globalizers are certainly dead against it.



"After months of anticipation, the U.S. government is expected to file a formal complaint with the World Trade Organization against the European Union's five-year moratorium on new genetically modified crop varieties. Critics often deride GM crops with built-in pest, weed, and disease resistance as helpful only for wealthy farmers in industrialized nations but developing countries could benefit tremendously from the adoption of GM crops. As much as 40 percent of conventional crop productivity in Africa and Asia is lost to insect pests, weeds, and plant diseases. But many of the same GM crops available in North America are already helping poor farmers in South Africa, India, China, and the Philippines combat often-voracious insects while reducing the amount of insecticides or eliminating them altogether".



Matthew Lesko has built a lucrative career on exploiting the government's recklessness with and waste of taxpayers' money. Lesko's "Free Money From the Government" book series does nothing but show people how to apply for and receive for themselves the money that you work for. Among the offerings the "Guru of Government Giveaways" promotes are the government sources and methods to apply for: $100,000 in grants to start a home based business; $75,000 housing grants to remodel your house and $3,000 in grants to help buy a car. Lots of people get angry with him but I think he does libertarians a big favour by highlighting how irresponsible government is with taxpayer funds.



I am reluctant to believe any reports from the perennially biased Reuters but it does seem that the US administration of postwar Iraq is one huge bureaucratic bungle.

Great stuff: “For the first time, members of the US Congress have established a caucus devoted to Australia. The Friends of Australia Congressional Caucus was set up last week with the immediate aim of supporting the US-Australia free-trade agreement now being negotiated."It's broader than that, but at this juncture that's its primary focus," said Jen Burita.”

An excellent article arguing that Britain's future lies over the Atlantic - not the Channel from Dick Morris -- a former leading staffer for Bill Clinton. Britain should forget about the miserable EU and go for a free-trade agreement with the USA -- as Australia is.

Another excellent column from Paul Sheehan discussing opposition to the bridge to Hindmarsh Is. in South Australia and 'secret women's business' and how the media and academia treated it. The truth is the first casualty where Leftists are involved, of course.

Midnight muncher sows seeds of suspicion: Three stands competing for gold medals at the Chelsea Flower Show were damaged by a mystery crisp eater on the eve of a visit by the Queen today. Dotty Britain lives! Good to see that such things can still get a headline in The Times.

The House is considering a bill that could force the nation's foundations to give away more of their money to charity each year. About time! There is a huge tendency for charitable foundations to become little more than a honey-pot for their staff.

The Mike Hawash case should be pretty disturbing to any American who thinks he has any rights. The fact is that your government can lock you up without trial for as long as it likes and there is not a thing you can do about it.

Michael Darby has an excerpt from an article by Anne Coulter which pokes fun at the way Leftists fear having US Christians in Iraq and marvels at the Leftist arrogance in claiming that they know what “true” Islam is.

Chris Brand looks at the psychology and biology of sex differences.

In my academic posting of May 19th here, I look at a claim by Leftist psychologists that Leftists are love-motivated and report a survey which shows the opposite.


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Monday, May 19, 2003


A reader writes:

“These claims about Archbishop Hollingworth overlooking 'child abuse' are amazing. Child abuse is the last moral barrier and the Left goes to town on anything remotely associated with it, whilst giving their intellectual blessing to social changes, like the breakdown of the traditional family, that if anything expose thousands of children to risk.

At the same time they can be completely blind to what looks like systematic abuses in the Aboriginal community that if inflicted under the auspices of Church missionaries or orphanages would lead to cries for a Royal Commission into a new 'abused generation'. I think Paul Sheehan is right, the Hollingworth witch hunt is being fuelled by republican and anti-Howard agendas that have very little to do with the Bishop himself.

Personally I don't think it is a good idea to appoint a clergyman to a vice regal position. However wasn't it the Leftist South Australian Premier Don Dunstan who initiated the practice with the appointment of a clergyman Sir Douglas Nicholls? I don't remember a lot of the Left-leaning people who object to this alleged mix of church and state objecting then. Of course Nicholls was not a Bishop -- and he was an Aborigine!”



Sally Satel, author of "HOW POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IS CORRUPTING MEDICINE" has a recent article on the growth of the psychological "trauma" industry in which she points to evidence casting great doubt on all the repressed memory stories we hear. There is an archive of Satel's recent articles here. She has an interesting article discussing recent attempts by lawyers to turn "fast food addiction" into a basis for lawsuits and regulation of the fast food industry. She says that Fast food 'addiction' feeds only lawyers.

Satel's article on race and medicine is particularly good -- noting that there are medically important differences between blacks and whites and showing that the “Race is a myth” mantra is itself a myth.



A rather amazing story of an Australian soldier who took on 20 Iraqis and won despite coming under heavy fire. It’s like a tale out of the wars of the old British Empire. True grit still exists among us.

An equally amazing story of politically correct stupidity in some Australian schools is just up on PC Watch. ALL discipline looks like being banned in the State of New South Wales.

The New York Police Dept. kills an innocent woman in her own home and all they do is APOLOGIZE??

And one wonders at the mentality of these Australian prosecutors who went for and got a conviction even whilst holding evidence that would have proved the accused to be innocent. It’s the prosecutors who should be in jail.

The Misanthropyst has dug up another example of the vast disconnect that exists between what Leftists say they believe in and what they actually do when given the opportunity. In this case a leader of a teachers’ union who was very militant about getting more money for his members whilst at the same time ripping them off for vast sums.

This should be a joke but it isn’t: “The pair wants a city ordinance stating 'that all brewed coffee sold in town must be brewed from coffee beans that are organic, fair-trade, shade-grown or a combination.'.

And this is no joke: There really is a Voluntary Human Extinction Movement -- Greenies of course. I have always said that Greenies hate people but I am still a bit surprised about anybody being so blatant about it.

After successful fights against asbestos and tobacco companies, some top plaintiffs' lawyers are taking on drug makers, claiming they hid the dangers of some of their pills. This really ought to be stopped. We need drug companies to be spending their money on research, not on lawyers.

Jim Kalb points out that There are some amazing similarities in the way the NYT handled repeated evidence of misbehaviour by its rogue black reporter and the way the RC church handled priests accused of pederasty. Lefties will not like the comparison.

Michael Darby has some notes on the nutty types at the Greenie “Biodevastation” conference just held.

Chris Brand notes that the equally nutty Zimbabwe regime is now taking a real risk -- kicking out a Guardian reporter. That will sink them -- the way killing thousands of their own citizens never would!

The Wicked one notes that there is one Greenie who comes to some rather conservative conclusions.

In my academic posting of May 18th here, I look at what influences the distance from one-another that we adopt during conversation.


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Sunday, May 18, 2003


The view that most of us have of Britain's Victorian era is strongly shaped by the dramatic novels of Charles Dickens. Dickens was however a reformer in his day so focused on the worst things in his environment. There is a very interesting article here that shows -- surprisingly -- that the Victorians were in fact great recyclers. But they did it for profit, not under government compulsion. That constitutes pretty powerful evidence that even recycling should be left to the marketplace. Modern-day government recycling programs almost always cost money rather than make money.



Keith Windschuttle provides a very carefully documented demolition of Noam Chomsky and his very popular (among Leftists) defence of terrorism against the USA. Excerpt: "In fact, Chomsky was well aware of the degree of violence that communist regimes had routinely directed at the people of their own countries. At the 1967 New York forum he acknowledged both "the mass slaughter of landlords in China" and "the slaughter of landlords in North Vietnam" that had taken place once the communists came to power. His main objective, however, was to provide a rationalization for this violence."



There are some great headlines on Brookes News at the moment. Try these for a sampling:

A British academic defends Saddam's regime. What is it with lefties? No matter how vicious, dangerous and monstrous a regime is one can guarantee that some group of lefties will find some justification in its existence, provided, of course, that it is anti-American.

The minimum wage rise con and the failure of our right. The minimum wage has been increased in the name of social justice. I for one cannot see any justice in pricing some people out of work in order to raise wages of who are fortunate enough to keep their jobs.

Kim Jong-il is also Beijing's problem — so what will she do? There are those in Beijing who realise that it is in China's interests to have a unified and prosperous Korea free of foreign (read American) political and military influence than one divided by hostile armies.

China's growth is no threat to the world's resources. China's economic development is not a threat to the world's resources or its environment.

Warren Buffet's stupid economics. Buffet may be brilliant when it come to picking stocks but in the field of economics he is a dangerous buffoon who allows his loyalty to the Democrats and his contempt for Bush to distort his judgment.



An honest politician at last! All the newly-elected President of Argentina is offering is fresh air: “We are going to bring some fresh Patagonian air to the capital to engineer a change," he said late Thursday.”

Somewhat to my surprise, there is a rather sensible editorial in USA Today about the Jayson Blair affair. It says that it may be justifiable to let minorities in the door under affirmative action programs but once they have been accepted into the institution they should be judged by the same criteria as anyone else. That would be a big improvement on doing anything to keep the minority numbers up -- which is what the usual system seems to be.

Caerdroia has a good formulation of what he thinks is the essential nature of America. He is obviously right but much of the rest of the world is too mean and nasty to believe it.

A great way to encourage motorcycling -- should be more of it: "Motorcyclists would be free to run red lights if they exercise 'due care,' under a bill overwhelmingly approved by the state Senate yesterday. The legislation was needed because many new model motorcycles do not have enough metal in them to trigger magnetic sensors that tell some traffic lights to turn green, Sen. Bill Clabough, R-Maryville, the bill's sponsor, said. 'Many new bikes are almost all plastic, and they sit there for a long time' ..."

Wendy McElroy is very critical of male bashing -- the stereotyping of men as brutal, stupid or otherwise objectionable: "Our sons, husbands, fathers and men-friends are gleefully slandered because they are male. They are subjected to malicious jokes and attitudes that would be decried if directed at blacks, Hispanics or women."

"As we observe the current frenzy of lawyers preparing to sue McDonald's and Burger King -- and even suing Kraft Foods, the maker of Oreos -- for allegedly causing their clients to suffer from obesity, we cannot help but wonder what lunatics have taken over the U.S. legal system.

One antiwar protestor sees part of the picture anyway: “"The most unsavory part of being against the war, for me, is the company one has to keep on the barricades. It's most uncomfortable being surrounded by Greens, socialists, effete literati, Hollywood bleeding hearts, European politicians, animal-rights protesters and a vast assortment of other wacko leftists who I'd forgotten were even still alive.”

Chris Brand notes that in Britain whites are guilty if blacks fail at school.

Michael Darby notes that if you really want to protect the environment, the first thing you have to do is to protect private property rights.

Carnival of the Vanities is up again with lots of interesting posts.

In my academic posting of May 17th here, I give chapter and verse on the strange contortions academic psychologists go through in order to see in their research results some shred of support for Leftist beliefs.


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