Saturday, July 19, 2003


An Australian reader writes:

Bill Bunbury's book "It's Not the Money, It's The Land" tells the story of the social devastation loosed on outback aboriginal communities by well meaning but badly thought out equal pay laws. The laws were enacted by a coalition of economically illiterate social reformers and trade union allies mainly interested in advancing the interests of their (predominantly white) members. Bunbury's book is the transcript of a trio of radio documentaries available in Real Audio on the web here. Bunbury tells the story of minimum wage driven despair and dispossession from a social and 'oral history' perspective.

For the big picture, Linda Gorman provides a devastating analysis of how minimum wage laws work in practice, not only in the Australian outback but everywhere. This is pretty well standard economic textbook stuff these days. US studies show minimum wage laws to be particularly damaging to the economic interests of minorities and teenagers.

(Of course, this is not the only time discriminatory practices were introduced disguised as 'labor reform' see this item on the anti-minority Davis-Bacon Act of 1931. Here in Australia, the first political party to advocate federally enforced equal pay legislation for women was the socially conservative, 'pro-family' DLP. Unlike economically illiterate feminists, the canny DLP hoped this legislation would reduce the job opportunities for women and thus slow the move from home to workplace they opposed. You can't fault their economic logic!)

Milton Friedman has called minimum wage legislation "the most anti-black law on the statute books". The Australian outback experience bears him out. (As Friedman says, there is only one true minimum wage, zero. Attempts to impose artificial minimums above that, increase the number of people earning the true minimum wage.) Of course there is no rush here to say "sorry" by the apology police. They are too busy condemning a previous generation of well meaning do gooders, the missionaries and welfare authorities who ran child protection and adoption programmes. These are often condemned outright today as racist "stolen children" schemes. It is arguable that the minimum wage laws actually did more long term damage to Aboriginal communities. Hopefully a future generation of Aboriginal activists will return the favour to the minimum wage meddlers.

(A historical aside... It was through thinking about the minimum wage that prominent philosopher Rober Nozick, switched from a social democrat to a libertarian. "Bob [Nozick] went back to his pals at 'Dissent' [socialist] magazine and confronted them. If the minimum wage is so good, why not set it at, say, $10 an hour? They had no answer to the question. That is, these lifelong professional socialists, well-known and widely published writers respected to this day, could not even proceed past the first stage of the argument. Nozick began to rethink things furiously." See here)”


At last! Quack medicines (in this case ephedra) are coming under some attack. It is high time that “health foods” and “diet supplements” were treated the same as orthodox pharmaceuticals if medical claims are made for them.

"Misleading and meaningless claims on food labels are to be banned under EU laws proposed yesterday in a drive to regulate the industry and inform consumers. The move, announced by David Byrne, the European commissioner for consumer affairs, would outlaw claims such as 'preserves youth' and 'reduces stress,' and draw up strict rules to cover other statements such as 'low in fat' or 'high in fibre.'" Well. That’s one bit of EU bureaucracy that I rather agree with. Lying and deception do need to be discouraged.


This article argues that universities are no longer engaged in the search for truth. I agree. It highlights the importance of other methods of information dissemination -- such as blogs. Perhaps I am having a rush of blood to the head but I think the internet is becoming the real university of today.

“Two U.S. energy experts cast more doubt on Friday on a push to develop hydrogen-powered cars as a means to cut air pollution and reduce oil imports” So much for the $1.5 billion GWB is spending on it.

No acceptance of civil liberties here: “Outraged by a Las Vegas company that claims to offer men a chance to stalk and shoot naked women in the Nevada desert with paintball guns, women's groups and government agencies were scrambling to find a way to shut down such "Bambi" hunts”.

NOW we are told (in the July 14th issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine) that cutting cholesterol is bad for us! I never have listened to the food nannies anyway.

An Australian Leftist moaner really hates it that nearly a century of military alliance between Australia and the USA looks likely to give Australia a favourable trade deal with the USA.

But we know that Leftists like Fidel LOVE blacks! "Cuban dissidents yesterday accused the NAACP of a double standard in its promotion of human rights, defending those of blacks in South Africa while embracing -- rather than condemning -- the treatment of blacks in Cuba. 'I have never heard of a chapter of the NAACP taking an interest in the Cuban Negro,' said Eusebio Penalver Mazorra, a black Cuban who spent 28 of his 69 years as a jailed dissident in the communist nation."

The Wicked one has a unique posting about policing in South Africa.

I have uploaded two of my academic papers recently. The first is here (or here). It shows that white South Africans in the Apartheid era were a pretty nervous lot. They had reason to be. The second paper is here (or here). It shows the falsity of the old Leftist notion that conservatism is the politics of greed. The survey found that there were just as many greedy Leftists as Rightists.


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Friday, July 18, 2003


I am having a bit of a history day again today:

My post yesterday on whether Nazi Germany was economically efficient sparked a number of emails. Like many before me, I pointed out that Nazi Germany was NOT economically efficient because of the pervasive political interference with industry. A correspondent added some other details which suggest that the less politicized British bureaucracy did a better job of organizing the national war effort:

R.V. Jones, author of "Most Secret War" has an interesting perspective on the German case. You can argue that the Germans had the best scientists, industrialists and generals of any side in WW2. Where they went badly was in coordinating those resources. The British were the first to create a coordinated scientific-military-industrial complex, with science and industry working on the real problems the military was having. German science and industry was for example working on developing new super-tanks and wonder weapons, when the Army merely wanted more tanks.

The foundations of the British scientific-military-industrial complex were laid pre-war in the 1930s as a response to fear of air attack, and Britain's need for a coordinated air defence system, something the British had anticipated since their brief exposure to the Zeppelin raids of WW1. As a result the British dominated radar research and development. Radar has been called the weapon that won the war, the atomic bomb merely ended it!”



"Those of us who know some economics are used to wincing when the typical clergyman makes a pronouncement on political economy ..... So it comes as a bit of a shock to read these religious figures, avowedly concerned first and foremost with justice and Biblical standards, and find that not only are they economically literate but that in many cases their economic theory was far more advanced than many professional economists who came after them... Tomas de Mercado wrote in 1571, "We can see that privately owned property flourishes, while city- and council-owned property suffers from inadequate care and worse management. . . . If universal love won't induce people to take care of things, private interest will"."


The Proposition 13 tax revolt has just had it’s 25th anniversary. The 'World Socialist Web Site' tells us that tax revolts are underway in China too. Tax revolts have had enormous impacts in history. We all know of the Boston tea party and the English Parliament's struggles against King Charles and his unauthorized taxes but the French Revolution too was largely driven by countrywide discontent over sky-high taxes levied by the idle and spendthrift aristocracy and church. So Proposition 13 was a great step forward in that it cut taxes by peaceful means. We need a continuing flow of such propositions.

Leftists want immigrants to stay different: "[Massachusetts] Governor Mitt Romney yesterday chastised the Legislature for loosening the state's new voter-approved English immersion law, branding it an act of 'unfathomable arrogance' and vowing to oust legislators who backed the move. ... About 68 percent of Massachusetts voters last year approved the ballot initiative, Question 2, which required that immigrant students be placed in all- English classes instead of bilingual programs."

Alarming: "Former United States Defence Secretary William Perry has warned that the US and North Korea are drifting towards war, with an 'imminent danger' of nuclear explosions in American cities. His chilling assessment of the communist state's nuclear program came as an increasingly worried China intervened, revealing a push for talks and sending a special envoy to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-il."

In the shape of Britain’s House of Lords,
a conservative institution once again defends people’s rights and liberties: "The government's hopes of a trouble-free week before Westminster's summer break were dashed last night when peers delivered a thumping defeat on already-modified plans to reduce the right to trial by jury. The 210-136 vote against David Blunkett's blueprint for restricting trial by jury in cases of complex fraud or likely jury tampering amounted to another rebuff to Labour's modernising ambitions on what peers declared is a fundamental point of principle - - 'this very touchstone of our liberty.'"

Amusing that NBC are going to “embed” their TV reporters with Democrat candidates for the election campaign. No news of them “embedding” with GOP candidates, though! I wonder why? (Don’t tell me).

The government of my home State Queensland has shown some common-sense after Australia’s High Court showed a conspicuous lack of it. The High Court said a couple must be paid the cost of raising a child that was born after a contraceptive procedure failed. The State of Queensland will legislate to prevent any further such awards.

Wow! Australia’s Uniting Church (the former Methodists plus some Presbyterians) has cut its own throat. They have voted to allow homosexual clergy. Lots of their congregations will now go over to the more scripturally-oriented Continuing Presbyterians. A revived Methodist Church might even emerge.

Amusing: Bill Clinton is now being quoted in the case of the former Marine who ran off with the 12 year old British girl.

The Wicked one has a VERY naughty joke about Rev. Jesse Jackson.

My latest academic upload here or here looks at the distinctions that psychologists make between assertiveness and authoritarianism and shows that the two things are in fact pretty much the same.


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Thursday, July 17, 2003


I received the following email from a reader:

I am having trouble seeing Hitler as a socialist when it comes to the economy. We all know that socialism is a failed economic model, yet how could Nazi Germany have been so economically successful if it was socialist state? If Nazi Germany had "a centralized collectivist economy just like the Soviet Union," how could it have been economically successful? Also, if Nazi Germany was socialist, and had a good economy, why was this success not seen in the other socialist/communist states?

There are a number of answers to that question but the first thing to note is that the Nazi and Fascist economies were more like the economies championed (and partly implemented) by "Third Way" Leftists of today (e.g. by Bill Clinton, Tony Blair et al.) than they were like the Soviet economy. In other words, the major German firms were subjected to tight political supervision and control but were still left at least nominally in private ownership. So the economy was not rendered totally inflexible. And just as today's pervasively regulated USA and Britain are still reasonably productive despite their bureaucratic load so Nazi Germany put in a middling performance too.

But there is another dimension to Nazi economics too -- as the example of the former East Germany shows: Why was the former East Germany so much more economically successful than other Communist States? I am afraid the answer has to be: Because it was German. Germans (and other Teutonic people such as the Dutch and the Scandinavians) tend to work hard even in economic systems that do not encourage it much. That is why Germany and Scandinavia are quite prosperous to this day despite their very high levels of taxation.

But the Reich did still suffer to a significant degree from its politically-controlled economy. It was not in fact nearly as efficient as it might have been. At the height of the Battle of Britain, for instance, the capitalist British economy was manufacturing twice as many aircraft as Germany. And even Stalin's Russia outproduced Germany in tanks by about 1943.

Where Germany WAS efficient in WWII was militarily. They overcame enormous odds right from the outset but eventually got crushed by weight of numbers. The Germans have been a warrior race for 2000 years. It was they who defeated the Roman Empire, after all. And the great military genius of WWII was undoubtedly Feldmarschall von Manstein. It is usually only military historians who have heard of him but it was he who was the architect of the Blitzkrieg through France. At the outset of the French campaign, von Manstein faced heavily entrenched French and allied forces that were in no way inferior to the German forces but his bold and innovative Panzer-led strike through the Ardennes outflanked the French and British forces and routed them completely. And later in Russia, von Manstein destroyed two Russian armies even AFTER Stalingrad. And his conquest of the Crimean peninsula is legendary among military historians: a frontal assault against superior forces who had nearly every advantage: a fortified position, command of the sea, the air, and tanks, while his army had not one tank. Compare that with the very high equipment level that characterizes the more capitalistic American forces going into battle.

So what success Nazi Germany had reflected the fact that they were German rather than the fact that they were socialist.


I am rather surprised that Australia is getting heavily involved with the North Korean problem. Korea is a long way from Australia. But we DID take part in the Korean war alongside the USA of course. And arms-carrying ships from Korea to the Middle East do have to pass fairly close to Australia.

Left-wing racism in The Guardian: "I have developed a habit when confronted by letters to the editor in support of the Israeli government to look at the signature to see if the writer has a Jewish name. If so, I tend not to read it."

Any idea of a World Parliament is a pipedream, fortunately. It would be a socialist and bureaucratic nightmare otherwise. Socialists would love us to have yet more government but lots of us can see that we have far too much government as it is. But lots of prominent U.S. "liberals" (such as THE senator from New York) are supporting the world parliament nightmare. Most of the world cannot govern itself sensibly. Why would we want them governing us?

"A news release from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) claims a 'New Look at Satellite Data Supports Global Warming Trend.' But the NCAR result is based on the wishful thinking of well- known global warming promoters, rather than on solid science. ..."

The rich are already paying their fair share: "[T]he richest of the rich paid more and everyone else paid less, explains Bartlett. This information is not surprising to those who know that the top 1 percent of taxpayers have increased their tax share almost annually, from 19 percent in 1980 to 27 percent in 1988, despite the Reagan tax cuts, and to 37 percent in 2000. Interestingly, the same pattern holds in other countries.... In the United Kingdom, the top 1 percent of taxpayers paid 23 percent of income taxes this year."

The fatwa against fat: One of my regular readers has got very droll. He writes: "Following from recent postings about "the fat wars" and the left's fatwa against fast food, these two older articles here and here provide an interesting alternate take on this expanding issue."

Amazing: Lasagna is a British invention. They even called it that back in the 14th century.

The latest Carnival of the Vanities is here

China Hand seems satisfied with my view that Hong Kong's economic success traces back to its free market system rather than the virtues of Hong Kongers.

The Wicked one is dubious about how beneficial the contraceptive pill has been.

In my academic posting here (or here) I give a very thorough explanation and justification of the way I measure materialistic ambition.


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Wednesday, July 16, 2003


Australians are quite fond of referring to Australia as “The lucky country”. Australia is such a relaxed and pleasant place that they have good reason to. The term was originally popularized by Donald Horne, who made it the title of one of his books. Because of the agreeable title, lots of Australians bought the book but few can have read it -- as the book is NOT a celebration of Australia at all. It is a miserable, carping book that says that anything good in Australia is only an outcome of sheer luck. So poor Donald has had the ultimate humiliation of lots of people buying his book yet still thinking that he intends exactly the opposite of what he actually says.

Perhaps for that reason, few people have bothered to refute Donald’s silly negativism. Another well-known Australian, Clive James, has however recently said a few words on the subject. Excerpt:

"[Donald Horne's] central tenet, that his homeland was a lucky strike consistently mismanaged by second-rate politicians, caught on as a dogmatic aid to national self-doubt. As I read on through our recent and gratifyingly rich heritage of commentary and memoir, it became clearer to me all the time that we hadn't become a prosperous and reasonably equable democracy by the accidental dispensation of benevolent nature and a favourable geographical position. The country had been built, by clever people. Our constitution itself was the work of people who had studied history. They were readers of newspapers and periodicals, they were eternal students in the best sense, they were bookish people. They had built a bookish nation. But, as so often has been the case with Australia's consciousness of itself, the problem was to realise it."


A reader writes:"It would be interesting to hear CS Lewis's take on the modern 'gay marriage' debate. He was a great believer in marriage but had fairly libertarian views for his time on what the role of the state should be in all this. The following is an extract from his well-known book, "Mere Christianity":

"Before leaving the question of divorce, I should like to distinguish two things which are very often confused. The Christian conception of marriage is one: the other is the quite different question -- how far Christians, if they are voters or Members of Parliament, ought to try to force their views of marriage on the rest of the community by embodying them in the divorce laws. A great many people seem to think that if you are a Christian yourself you should try to make divorce difficult for every one.

I do not think that. At least I know I should be very angry if the Mahommedans tried to prevent the rest of us from drinking wine. My own view is that the Churches should frankly recognise that the majority of the British people are not Christians and, therefore, cannot be expected to live Christian lives. There ought to be two distinct kinds of marriage: one governed by the State with rules enforced on all citizens, the other governed by the Church with rules enforced by her on her own members. The distinction ought to be quite sharp, so that a man knows which couples are married in a Christian sense and which are not. "


A scientist exposes green hypocrisy on GM foodstuffs: As a research scientist I would say that the only stumbling block to GM food has been vociferous scare campaigns waged by radical green groups such as Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace.
Why Beijing is twisting North Korea's arm: The final irony is that it looks as if China's self-interest is going to be the means by which the fall of Kim is finally assured. The great thing about the situation for the rest of the world is that it is George W. Bush who occupies the Oval Office and not Gore, a man held in complete contempt in the capitals of Asia — and particularly in Beijing.
The Left's war against America: America's leftists are not just waging a culture war but a war against a culture. These are creatures who have nothing to offer but hate and malice. These ideologues and their media allies are the real enemy. These are ones who have to be confronted and defeated, not just in America but also in Australia.
Green attacks on GM reveal contempt for human life: We now have Dr Gyorgy Scrinis — a research associate in the Globalism Institute at RMIT University — trying to rationalise why it is preferable to allow peasants to suffer poverty and malnutrition rather than allow them access to life-improving genetically modified crops.)
How the greens kill people: The green movement has demonstrated a callous disregard for human life, especially in the Third World.

Details here


Those awful Israelis! There is a big Palestinian complaint here about how Israelis make Palis WAIT! How dare they? That the Israelis might be nicer if the Palis stopped blowing them up does not seem to rate a mention.

This is rich! A German Socialist politician is calling Italians racist. A German Socialist politician would know one, of course. Italians are in fact exceptionally non-racist. Even in WWII Italy was something of a refuge for Jews.

This is a bit breathtaking: Some nutty American Professor who lives in Australia thinks that Australia is not Leftist enough so Australia should fix that by becoming the 51st State of the USA! And he’s not joking. But he may have something. In some ways the USA has drifted further Left than Australia. I myself think that Americans should recognize the Queen as their rightful liege lord and rejoin the British Commonwealth!

"Public education in America is producing politically correct, properly sensitized, ignorant little socialists. Some of them can read and write and many can make change at McDonalds, given the machines that tell them what the change amount should be. All of the problems now besetting our youth can be laid at the feet of the socialist indoctrination required by the states before one can become a 'certified' teacher."

The Wicked one uses a proverb to summarize why affirmative action will never make much difference anyway.

My latest academic posting here (or here) looks at what predicts economic success among Indian famers. Surprise! Surprise! It is intelligence and drive that makes the difference. Despite all the Leftist waffle to the contrary, that is what matters most in economic life everywhere.


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Tuesday, July 15, 2003



Definitely time for reflection. I have big problems with skin cancer so may not have many years left but the life I have had has been a blessed one in many ways. My father was a lumberjack, I left school before completing High School and I inherited nothing from my parents except my genes. But I nonetheless have done well in academe, in business and in my personal life -- which reinforces my view that in modern Western society it is only ability and good sense that separates most of the "haves" from the "have-nots".

One amusing episode in my university career was when I got an article published in an academic journal under joint authorship with another academic whose first name translates as "God's Penis" -- see here. Another odd accomplishment was when I got praise of one of my ex-wives into an academic journal -- see here.

My only regret is that I had only one child -- but my son is a real chip off the old block so that is pleasing. There is a picture of him here -- Warning: He is not very "diverse" in U.S. Supreme Court terms.


An Australian reader emailed me with this addition to my post about the cruelty of Leftist “compassion”: “I think the classic example of being protected by leftists is the extension of 'equal minimum wage laws' to aborigines in the late 1960s. The result was large number of aboriginal stockmen (cowboys) put out of work: A great victory for social reform. Laws giving equal access to grog and social security came in about the same time, each on their own a genuine reform. But the net result was arguably a reformer-imposed social disaster that aboriginal communities are still struggling to overcome.”

”Reality is not PC” was also moved to hit the keyboard by my “Leftist compassion” posting. He/she points out that a great Leftist cause of the 1930s was eugenics -- sterilizing some criminals and those who were deemed to be mentally ill -- and that the U.S. Supreme court upheld eugenics laws too. And here’s the killer quote: “In 1933, Nazi Germany used the US sterilization laws as the blueprint for the Nuremberg Laws under which 350,000 "unfit" German citizens were sterilized.. Get that? Hitler modelled his policies on the policies of American Leftists!!. Leftists nowadays gloss all that over and even try to deny that the eugenicists were Leftists but the 1930s eugenicists even called themselves “Progressives”. More on them here. So the cruelty and destructiveness of Leftist “do-gooding” goes back a long way even in the democracies.


The Society of St Vincent de Paul -- a large Roman Catholic charity organization in Australia -- has recently come out in favour of a range of Leftist political policies: “WE advocate a range of action, including removal of tax concessional treatment of trusts, means-testing of the baby bonus and the private health insurance rebate and the abolition of a number of tax concessions”. What qualifies do-gooders to give economic advice? All the issues are old ones. Why do “Vinnies” want to throw their weight behind one side of the debate? I guess they want to alienate that half of the electorate who do NOT vote Leftist and thus halve the donations they receive. Clever! When they’ve got brains like that, you know what to think of their advice.


Good comment: "There are no foreign invaders in Liberia. The people who have been killing, mutilating and brutalizing Liberians are Liberians. President Bush will not have any problem finding bad guys. His problem will be finding good guys. The people opposed to the present president, Charles Taylor, are just as bad as he is. So just what will our troops do? Shoot Liberians on a random basis?"

I believe some libertarians were wishing one-another “Happy Bastille Day” yesterday. That seems dumb to me. What is good about replacing one tyranny with a worse one?

A limited school choice program looks set to go ahead in DC. Not as good as vouchers but a step forward.

The Agitator says: “Those in the "pro-choice" crowd who are most vigilant about protecting abortion rights aren't pro-choice at all. They're pro-abortion. They'll swear they aren't, because it's of course a political loser to admit as much. But don't let them fool you. They want to see lots of abortions, and they're genuinely pissed off each time a woman actually chooses to have a baby”

Arlene Peck has a VERY skeptical post about the current Arab “ceasefire” in Israel.

Writing on his other blog, China Hand has posted some old American rules for good manners that he thinks may help modern Chinese when they go abroad.

There is a flamethrower post from Chris Brand about racial differences reproduced (with comments) on PC Watch

The Wicked one reports a case where a violent home invader got let off scot-free because he said he was high on Jasmine tea at the time! Jasmine tea is the sort of tea we all normally get in Chinese restaurants.

My latest academic posting here (or here) reports that materialistic ambition is NOT particularly high among Hong Kong Chinese -- suggesting that the great economic achievements of Hong Kong are purely the outcome of their extreme free-market economy.


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Monday, July 14, 2003


That Leftist claims of compassion are a total fraud hardly needs proof for anyone who knows history. Their murderous brutality when they gain unrestrained power (e.g. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and all of their many “revolutionary” brethren worldwide) shows that. And the admiration and support that Western Leftists regularly displayed for Communism before the Soviet implosion shows that Leftists in democratic countries share the same underlying values as the Leftist totalitarians. Since Western Leftists and Communists profess the same basic beliefs and use much the same propaganda, it would be surprising otherwise. Some American “liberals” and some Labor party supporters in Britain and Australia, however, claim that they have always deplored Communism and so are not like that. They claim that they REALLY care.

That this claim is false is displayed by the way they exercise what power they do have. For example, “tenant protection” is a great Leftist cause. A moment’s thought should show what all experience shows: That making life more difficult for landlords discourages landlording and makes rental accomodation scarce -- thus forcing the poor people who depend on it to pay much higher rents than they previously did -- where they can find accomodation at all. No Leftist could be ignorant of that. It is such an old lesson that has been repeated worldwide so many times. Yet Leftist governments still keep doing it. The deeds of such Leftists show them to care only about their own self-righteouness -- and too bad if that slugs the poor.

Another disgraceful example stems from the old Leftist rejection of heredity. To listen to Leftists even today the only thing that is inborn is homosexuality -- the so-called “gay gene”. Leftists want to change so much about the people who get into their clutches that they cannot afford to accept that some things about people just CANNOT be changed -- so they have always rejected the power of genetic heredity.

Right up until the 1990s, Leftist psychologists (psychologists are almost all Leftists) used to say that childhood autism was caused by “refrigerator mothers”. Autism is a terribly distressing affliction for parents to see in their children and the unfortunate mothers at that time were told that it was all their own fault! They were told that autism resulted from their own lack of caring. How devastating! Nowadays, of course, autism is universally acknowledged to be an inborn condition. So, for as long as they could, Leftists caused immense, needless and unwarranted distress to many already-suffering mothers solely in order to prop up their own need to feel all-powerful. That’s “compassion”? Give us a break! Even Leftists in an allegedly compassionate profession are anything but when it suits them.

Incidentally, why are most psychologists Leftist? It’s obvious: Psychology offers some prospect of power over other people and power is the drug that the Leftist craves above all others.

Another piece of Leftist cruelty is their “anti-sweatshop” activism. Through boycotts and other means, such activists have put pressure on many companies (such as Nike) to stop using labour in low-wage countries. So Nike and others did stop. They pulled out of those countries and threw hundreds of thousands of poor people out of the only work they could get -- with most reduced to begging or prostitution if they did not actually starve to death. Great! Everybody would have told the Leftists concerned what the results of their agitation would be but their hatred of big companies trumped the best interests of the poor every time. Only pseudo “compassion” there! Leftism is a great scheme for hate-filled people though: You get to express your hatred while getting praised for “compassion”. What a top deal! Too bad about all the little people who get hurt in the process, though.


The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that freed hundreds of paedophiles makes no sense at all. They ruled that prosecuting the offenders many years after the offence occurred breached the constitutional bar on retrospectivity. But the crimes concerned were crimes when they were committed. They were not made crimes retrospectively.

Only Leftists turn themselves inside-out to protect criminals so if the the recent U. Mich. affirmative action decision was not enough to make it clear that the court is predominantly Leftist, this certainly shows it. They are “limousine liberals”

Just a “scrap of paper”? “It's bad enough that teachers unions help miseducate American youngsters. Now they're waging war against constitutional government. Think we're exaggerating? The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the Nevada Supreme Court "sets aside the state constitutional amendment requiring at least two-thirds support of lawmakers to pass tax increases. The justices ruled that the need to fund public schools, another constitutional requirement, took precedence over the need to approve tax increases by a two-thirds supermajority."


This article says that South Africa is now ruled by black Fascists. Excerpt: “South Africa today is not so much capitalist as corporatist or fascist, along the lines Mussolini wanted for Italy, with the masters of big business, the trade unions and the government doing coercive deals among themselves to control the whole economy”. It goes on to say that South Africa’s present black rulers respect the former Apartheid regime as fellow Fascists but despise anti-Apartheid white liberals! Once again we have two groups of Leftists hating one-another.

A Brooklyn, New York, US Federal Judge tossed out a 1994 murder conviction against Rodney Cox, a man who admitted shooting his victim in the head, because, the judge says, there is no evidence that Cox actually meant to kill his victim "rather than injure him," or "scare him" when aiming for his head. See NY Daily News 13-Jun-03. This is the sort of thing we have to expect where Leftists are constantly portraying criminals as victims and as not being responsible for their own actions. (Via Jerry Lerman).

There is a new blog with a similar focus to this one here. Some good postings on the self-appointed food police recently.

The Wicked one says that JFK was a conservative who actually got on well with Nixon.

My latest academic posting here (or here) shows that political stance is not determined by degree of interpersonal dominance. Some Leftists are wimps and some are dictators. The same goes for conservatives. I have argued elsewhere that it is strong ego needs, not personal assertiveness, that makes someone a Leftist.


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Sunday, July 13, 2003


A reader writes:

"With President Bush going to Africa, the AIDS crisis there is getting renewed media interest. Recent articles indicate that dirty needles may have had more to do with the HIV epidemic than is usually admitted. See here, here and here. This is in many ways a stance like the boy who said, "the emperorer has no clothes". This controversial approach, if confirmed, amounts to an indictment of the way the African AIDS epidemic has been 'sold' over the last 20 years. It has been sold as due to normal heterosexual sex, when it may not be.

The cynical explanation is that agencies already promoting birth control pushed a half-baked 'heterosexual hypothesis' for African AIDS because it gravied their train. It also suited western AIDS lobbyists keen to highlight any non-gay, non-drug user AIDS to harness public fear for funding purposes. The dirty needle argument has some parallels to the much more radical stance taken by HIV-does-not-cause-AIDS skeptics like Peter Duesberg and Perth's Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos. They argue that the definition of "AIDS", especially as applied on the ground in Africa, has been drawn so broadly as to allow for a host of unrelated diseases to be cast under the AIDS net. See here, here and here

One thing that nobody seems to be mentioning is that anal sex is the most commonly used form of contraception in Africa. That alone would explain the epidemic. But is anybody telling Africans that? It seems not. Better for Africans to die than to be told stuff that is inconvenient to Western Leftists!


Fascinating. The millionaires donate to the Dems, the little people donate to the GOP:

"'The Nine Dwarfs' pursuing the Democratic Party presidential nomination have been relentlessly asserting that the Republican Party is beholden to the wealthy. It turns out, however, that it is the Democratic Party that has been addicted to the million-dollar contributions from the nation's fat cats. "A recent study by the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP), a nonpartisan campaign-finance research organization, reveals that the Democratic Party gobbled up an astounding 92 percent of all individual contributions totaling $1 million or more during the 2001-02 election cycle. Meanwhile, it was the Republican Party that received 64 percent of all individual contributions less than $200 per donor."

From The Washington Times via The Federalist. I guess that wealthy people often like the idea of bossing other people around and the little people value their liberties.


Pat Buchanan has another interesting history lesson for us. He points out that FDR relied on dubious evidence to get the USA into WWII: "Stephenson's forgery was a triumph and served a backdrop for Clare Luce's remark that Roosevelt 'lied us into war because he did not have the political courage to lead us into it.' ... not only has FDR been forgiven, he has been celebrated. His lies, it is said, were noble lies, to rouse an isolationist America into doing its duty and ridding the world of Adolf Hitler”. But GWB is not being forgiven for mentioning evidence about Saddam’s nukes that later turned out to be fabricated. The familiar Leftist double standard.

I am pleased to see that my favourite American has had a tremendous instrument of America power named after him. Very appropriate for a man who made such constructive use of American power.

Clinton does something useful: Hosing down the crazy Left of the British Labour Party.

I’m inclined to agree with this Arab self-description: “In light of ongoing events, it appears that the Arab psychology has become addicted to the dictatorial model of life. Indeed, all the Arab peoples-- all of them-- have become completely addicted to dictatorship, oppression, and regimes that beat [the people] on their heads with their shoes, and hit them below the belt.” (Via The WSJ)

The recent U.S. Supreme Court treatment of the Nike case was appalling. Now a company cannot say anything that “might” mislead. The Leftists have succeeded in wiping out free speech for companies.

One lesson the Leftist panic merchants will never learn: “There is no such thing as a poisonous substance, per se. Even drinking water can kill you, if you drink enough of it. It's the dose that makes the poison.”

Great if it’s true: “All parties and institutions are affected by a climate of cynicism and mistrust in which society is disinclined to believe whatever it is told by authorities and experts.”

Hear here! “I cannot think of many more positive recommendations than abolishing the Equal Opportunities Commission and leaving men and women to work out their minor 'inequalities and differences' themselves.”

Chris Brand has been writing to the papers about the root causes of Africa’s problems again. See here.

The Wicked one has some amusing quotes from Oscar Wilde.

My latest academic posting here (or here) is another one of many in which I show how wrong the Leftist theory of authoritarianism is. I show that there is nothing wrong with dominant personalities. My second recent academic posting here (or here) points out a lack of scientific care that is all too common among psychologists.


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