Saturday, January 17, 2004


A good summary of Bjorn Lomborg's findings (PDF): "Professor Lomborg does believe that global warming is taking place. However, he says: "The cure is worse than the ailment. Let's not focus on phantom problems at the expense of real problems." All the Kyoto treaty on global warming would achieve is to postpone warming for six years, he argues. For a bill of $4 trillion, a 2 degree rise in temperature would arrive in 2106 instead of 2100."

In contrast, a recent BBC "Horizon" program presents a variety of scientific data showing that Britain is headed for a new ice age!!! -- possibly with 20 years. Ahh!! How lovely to have such scientific certainty about these things. It is certainly true geologically that we are living at the end of a warm interglacial period so I have always said that we might one day need all the global warming we can get. Geology is not a very precise clock, however, so whether the next ice age will start in 20 years or in 1,000 years time, nobody can say -- though the start does already seem to be overdue. When it does start, however, Canada will rapidly cease to exist. Canada should be laughing the Kyoto treaty to death, not supporting it.

Don't mention the Sun! "The Sun is more active now than it has been for a millennium. The realisation, which comes from a reconstruction of sunspots stretching back 1150 years, comes just as the Sun has thrown a tantrum. Over the last week, giant plumes of have material burst out from our star's surface and streamed into space, causing geomagnetic storms on Earth."

The air gets cleaner, while environmental politics gets dirtier "The way the administration's environmental critics tell it, you can't see your hand in front of your face anymore because of all the pollution Bush has allowed his big business buddies to emit. That's certainly the theme of every green activist group, Democratic presidential hopeful, and far too many environmental journalists. But there is one big problem with this scenario -- it's the exact opposite of reality, according to a 2003 report by the Environmental Protection Agency."

Disease doesn't have much to do with climate change one way or the other: "Every year, according to a new report by the World Health Organisation, 150,000 people succumb to the effects of global warming... But what about all the elderly and infirm people who would have died had this winter been as cold as those frequently experienced in Europe during the 19th century? Strangely, these non-deaths do not appear to feature in the World Health Organisation's one-sided ledger"

Alarmism sells papers: "It seems that virtually every news organ in the English language has carried the story of new scientific claims published in Nature magazine that by 2050 over a million species will be doomed to extinction owing to the effects of global warming. Yet few of them realized how flimsy the story actually is."

John Daly also takes apart recent claims of greenhouse species extinction.

And another article that says the mass extinction is more like a mass exaggeration

Carbon dioxide is beneficial, not harmful: "The results of this impressive study of real-world agricultural operations in a significantly CO2-enriched atmosphere -- which is the only environmental change we can be confident will occur in the foreseeable future -- bodes well indeed for the financial well-being of Western Australian wheat farmers and the land that supports them."

The green machine "Twenty EU member and accession states labour under a cadre of panels collectively known as the European Environmental Advisory Council (EEAC). Styling itself as a body 'to provide independent, scientifically based advice on the environment and sustainable development,' this so-called 'network' is actually a series of organisations funded by the European Commission to lobby for their interests locally."


Jeff Jacoby asks the obvious next question in the homosexual marriage debate -- Is lawful polygamy next? "Three adults who want to live together as a husband and two wives asked a federal court this week to strike down Utah's ban on polygamy as a violation of their constitutional rights". Why a guy would feel the need for a government certificate to say he sticks his penis up some other guy's behind rather escapes me but as a libertarian I think all marriage should be a matter of civil contract anyway.

To put it plainly: "Now the Democrats and their reactionary academic gurus are peddling the notion that what will make people rich is, once again, raiding the wealth of those who are already rich. More taxation, they scream, not more production and free trade. These pathetic people are counting on voters to be motivated not from an honest desire to become prosperous -- one that would incline a person to work harder, to invest wisely, and to save prudently. No, they hope that voters are motivated from rank envy, the desire to bring down those who have it better than they do. And to fuel this envy good and hard, these vile politicians are preaching class warfare and zero-sum political economy."

Homeschoolers vs. Big Brother: "New Jersey's child welfare system, like most state child welfare systems, is a corrupt and deadly mess. Children are lost in the shuffle, shipped to abusive foster homes, returned to rapists and child molesters, and left to die in closets while paperwork piles up. So whom does the government decide to punish for the bureaucracy's abysmal failure to protect these innocents? Homeschoolers. And what does the government think will solve its ills? More power and paperwork."

The Spectator has a satirical piece lampooning Cherie Blair's advice to the Vatican after a recent state visit. It also says that Mrs Blair is just the latest incarnation of one of a common English character: "Mrs Blair is in a noble tradition among British women. She knows what is good for us. ...Mrs Blair's generation must espouse what the age most values. This seems to be two, on the face of it, incompatible things: diversity and equality".


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Friday, January 16, 2004


Unemployment and the tyranny of aggregates It was sad state of affairs when in late 2001 economic news from the US surprised and contradicted our economic commentators. For sometime I had been predicting a significant rise in unemployment as America's recession unfolded. So what happened?
Bush, Beijing and al Qaeda By striking hard and swiftly against terrorists, by imposing on them and their paymasters a terrible price, Bush not only sent a vitally important message to other terrorists and their potential supporters but also to Beijing's generals. For this the world should be immensely grateful.
Why increased consumption hampered America's economic recovery Greenspan's policy of trying to promote increased consumption hindered economic recovery in America. Concentrating on consumption at the expense of production is a recipe for prolonging recessions.
The media, Iraq and the traitor Burchett Even though the Soviet Empire collapsed some years ago many of our so-called journalists still refuse to call those Westerners who worked for the murderous KGB traitors.
Addressing the causes of terrorism: A cry from the Quisling Left There is a cry from the Quislings and fifth columnists among us that we must not only address terrorism, but to also "address the causes of terrorism". I shall address it right now.
Hillary Clinton's acceptable level of homicide To Hillary Clinton and her progressive friends more dead blacks and Hispanics was a small price to pay to fulfil her ambition to become the country's first female president.

Details here



The Tugboat is getting all churned up at the moment over the well-established fact that conservatives are happier than Leftists. He first fusses over whether the differences in a recent Gallup poll are statistically significant -- apparently unaware that statistical significance is just a way of allowing for small sample size and, as such, irrelevant to large public opinion polls -- unless very small subsections of them are being examined separately. His post was too long and rambling for me to read right through but he appears to be convinced that conservatives are only happier because they are more self-deluded! I guess that, as a Leftist, he has to believe that.

No doubt some study of 30 American college students somewhere has shown that happy people are more self-deluded. American college students are very obliging about giving their Leftist psychology professors what they want. I have critiqued such studies too often to want to do it again. The phenomenon even has a name. It is called The Rosenthal Effect.


The Democrats seem to be back on the socialized medficine trail -- but they don't have to look further than New York to see where it leads. One of my medical correspondents comments: "And most doctors simply don't want to practice in NY State because of this nonsense - so the State subsidizes medical education (I don't know where these doctors end up, but I can tell you that several Anesthesia Residents we fired from our (Backward Southern) institution were immediately hired in NY (Progressive, Enlightened) because they were short on doctors)"

Bin Laden losing: "The United States' global 'war on terrorism' has clearly entered a new phase. Regardless of how one feels about the US-led war in Iraq, the results of that war, and especially the increased capability that US forces have shown in fighting terrorism, capturing Saddam Hussein and gaining valuable intelligence thereby, have had a decisive effect.

FrontPage seems to be taking the phenomenon of white nationalism seriously. Confronted by whites arguing for "group rights" in the same way that minority advocates do, some multicuturalists now seem to have re-discovered the benefits of colour blind integrationism.

Virginia Postrel has an excellent summary article on the free-market and other ideas of Friedrich Hayek and the way his ideas took decades to be recognized for the great insights that they are.

This article about evangelical Christianity in America rings true. The author sees it as being anything but fanatical and a long way from the Protestant dogmatism of the past.

The lowdown on the "condom in my soup" case.

An Australian atomic physicist has put links to "PC Watch" and "Dissecting Leftism" on his home page -- and I do get a few hits off it. Should be more of it!

Donald Luskin has a lot of good jokes up at the moment. I particularly liked the one about GWB and the Pope.

A government commuter railroad kills: "NSW State Rail has knowingly operated defective trains since 1988, according to a report that blames the authority for the Waterfall rail disaster that killed seven people last January."

China Hand has just posted on his other site yet another attempt to drum sense into people about the folly of "protecting" jobs. GWB's recent steel tariff fiasco shows that this ailment of the brain can afflict even those who are supposed to be in favour of free trade. China Hand is also addressing a committed conservative -- his brother -- and uses the example of Australia's large-scale abandonment of protectionism to show how beneficial that is.

The Wicked one has lots of funnies up.


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Thursday, January 15, 2004


Leftists still haven't learned basic economic lessons even when delivered by one of their own. This biographical piece outlines some uncommon economic sense on minimum wages and government intervention in agriculture delivered by socialist economist Gunnar Myrdal.

New jobs for old: "It is in destroying jobs that the economy improves and makes it possible for the standard of living of all Americans to increase. This constant churning means that even a "stagnant" American job market is extremely dynamic, and that the ranks of the unemployed are not necessarily the dispossessed of the earth, as Democrats tend to portray them."

"An inevitable consequence of socialism is the division of society into two groups; those who are consuming government 'services' and those who are paying for them. As the waning and collapse of socialist countries around the globe has clearly demonstrated, those who consume eventually overwhelm those who provide. ... Every entitlement program the government ever instituted has or soon will metastasize into an open ended endowment that politicians can incrementally expand to buy votes; 'vote for me and we'll take care of you, too.' The best illustration of this point is the history of Social Security."

Too logical for his own good: "Early in our marriage, 40-some years ago, Mrs. Williams would return from shopping complaining about the unreasonable prices. Having aired her complaints, she'd then ask me to unload her car laden with purchases. After the unloading, I'd ask her: 'I thought you said the prices were unreasonable. Why did you buy them? Are you unreasonable? Only an unreasonable person would pay unreasonable prices.' The discussion always headed downhill after such an observation."

Indian economist Jagdish Baghwati has come out swinging in favour of globalization. He gives the facts and figures to show what an enormous influence it is in reducing Third-world poverty. "During the three decades that Bhagwati's India was a relatively closed economy, for example, the economy grew at 4 percent a year, and the poverty rate hovered around 55 percent. But in the two decades since it opened its economy to foreign trade and investment, economic growth averaged five percent; by 2000, the poverty rate had fallen to 26 percent. China's experience was similar: with liberalization came spectacular growth, and poverty declined from 28 to 9 percent between 1978 and 1998."

Californian stupidity is very bad for business: "Robert Peritz is no jingoist, despite how he sounds at times ... Neither is the ex-New Yorker ... some storming anti-government extremist -- despite his rants against politicians and bureaucrats: 'There is too much big government and a lot of bad policy right here in this state. The politicians and bureaucrats are making and passing regulations that are actually running businesses out of town. We need less government intrusion into our lives.' Peritz, in truth, is an inherently humble guy who knows what's what. He's clear that in business, as in life, if you do good things, good things will come back to you."

Facts don't matter to some, apparently: "Richard Florida, a Carnegie Mellon professor .. argues that cities that attract gays, bohemians, and ethnic minorities are the new economic powerhouses because they are also the places where creative workers_the kind who start and staff innovative, fast-growing companies_want to live... [BUT] Far from being economic powerhouses, a number of the cities the professor identifies as creative-age winners have chronically underperformed the American economy..."

An important reminder about free trade: "Before getting into the heart of the matter, let us remind ourselves of a basic but important fact: Tariffs are taxes. No matter how sophisticated the argument, when someone opposes free trade, what that really means is that he favors the placement of taxes (or similar restrictions) on consumers."

Unemployment: "Chronic unemployment is only and can only be caused by one thing. That is the resistance of the unemployed worker to accept employment at a rate or in an area that reflects his current market value. Remember as long as any human desire remains unfilled there is work that can be done. This means there is always work."


Boondoggle opens: Australia's billion dollar railroad to nowhere. Australia has a history of huge government spending on uneconomic projects -- the Snowy and Ord river schemes being the most notable predecessors of the present nonsense of spending over a billion dollars to service a town of only 80,000 people.

Those awful religious people! There's an interesting study in the October 2003 issue of Policy Review on "Religious Faith and Charitable Giving". The study was of 30,000 religious and non-religious people. It found that religious people give to charity and volunteer themselves SIGNIFICANTY more than non-religious people. The study measures people of the same socio-economic and educational class. Also, religious people give to non-religious affiliated charities more often than non-religious people do.

This article from TCS shows that George Soros is like many people who are very good at one specialization -- totally ignorant of the real world outside that specialty.

More Leftist lies about American "imperialism" exposed in Front Page.

At least the Spanish have got cojones: "Muslim author of book advocating wife-beating jailed"

David's Medienkritik has an amusing picture of Germany's Chancellor Gerhardt Schroeder (look at his feet).

Chris Brand has a further posting on the latest attack on free speech in Britain -- the sacking of a TV presenter who once made disparaging remarks about Muslims.

Carnival of the Vanities is up again as your contents-page of the blogosphere for the last week


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Wednesday, January 14, 2004


Government idiocy at its finest: "Last year Sandy Meadows, who supervises the floral department at an Albertson's supermarket in Baton Rouge, was filling in at another Albertson's store that had lost its florist when she was visited by an inspector from the Louisiana Horticulture Commission. He told her she'd have to throw out the seven arrangements she had produced that morning if she wanted to avoid a $250 citation for practicing floristry without a license. Louisiana appears to be the only state in the nation that treats unlicensed florists making unauthorized arrangements as a public menace.

And this idiocy is nearly as bad: ""Is the war on terrorism over? Have we stopped drug trafficking? Has corruption in corporate America ended? We must have cured these problems. Why else would federal officials spend their time prosecuting people for importing lobster tails in plastic bags instead of cardboard boxes?

But 40 years of trying has not made this one work: "In his State of the Union address forty years ago this week, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared an 'unconditional war on poverty in America.' Since then, the federal government has created vast new bureaucracies and raised taxes to a staggering level not seen since World War Two. L.B.J. helped create welfare (Aid to Families with Dependent Children), Medicare, Head Start, the Job Corps, and Medicaid. Worst of all, most of L.B.J.'s War on Poverty was a failure."

The British contribution: "The Government has announced it is to scrap an obscure law after shop staff refused to serve a police officer a sausage roll. Constable Dougie Brown was on duty in the village of Nettleham, near Lincoln, last month when he tried to buy the snack in his local Co-op store. It turned out that the staff had acted according to the letter of the law which bans the sale of 'any liquor or refreshment' to an on-duty policeman without the permission of a senior officer."


Safire in the NYT has joined the chorus in concluding that the Iraq invasion has been of enormous strategic benefit to the USA and to world peace. And even a German newspaper has condescended to notice positive developments in Iraq.

Keith Burgess-Jackson says that feminists have lied to women in saying that they "can have it all" -- and he once had feminist views himself. I myself have been fortunate in knowing lots of women who are very happy to be female but I do blame feminism in part for raising women's expectations to unrealistic levels and thus making them postpone childbearing until it is too late. Two of my four ex-wives have had no children -- despite both being very good and capable women.

The current City Journal has a couple of rather pessimistic articles: George Will thinks it will be a long haul before Iraq becomes democratic and James Q. Wilson thinks that terrorists will be with us for a long time yet.

Putin's "authoritarian liberalism" may be better for Russia than corrupted democracy. We cannot expect them to leap in one bound from centuries of oppression to where we are now: "For all its dictatorial tendencies, the contemporary Russian state clearly exhibits some restraint. It does not seek to intervene in every aspect of its citizens' lives, and Russia is a country where people can and do criticise the government without being molested. In many respects the government of Vladimir Putin is probably the most benign in Russian history. Like the Whites, Putin is no liberal democrat, but his promotion of state interests may well be the best hope for liberal democracy in Russia."

Slavery is alive and well in the Islamic world: "From the Niger River to Sudan slavery continues to be practiced and justified in the name of the Koran"

Now that soot has been shown to have global warming potential, the Greenies are trying to blame soot on Diesel engines used in the West and are ignoring the huge output of soot from poorer countries. A reader who has been overseas recently writes: "I crossed from Romania to Bulgaria, two extremely poor, poor countries, the living conditions were about 12thC in the country, Romania especially. The Danube was anything but blue & huge power plants belching out smoke & SOOT! It certainly did away with any romantic notions one may have had".

A good report about current health panics on "Spiked" -- problems which the do-gooders of course blame on everything modern: More people are getting cancer! How Awful! But is it? It's mainly because people are living longer and older people are more prone to cancer. British sperm counts are dropping! How awful! Will the British die out? Hardly, it was only men with fertility problems who had lower counts and counts vary widely anyhow.

Not all actors and actresses are imbecilic Leftists. See at the bottom of this article for some very sensible comments by John Rhys-Davies, the actor who played "Gimli" (the dwarf) in 'Lord of the Rings'

PP McGuinness has an interesting review of a humorous film about the old Communist East Germany. He knows something of it from personal experience. He concludes: "Everybody has had hankerings after the creation of a new society, a vision, the ongoing progressive march forwards - but the reality is that carrying such hankerings beyond youth leads not to utopia but to dystopia".

A big collection of LEFTIST race-hatred here.

Yesterday I mentioned in passing an economist (Gittins) who thinks that "money does not buy happiness" is a reason to stop giving people more of what they want. There is a reply to Gittins here

Heh! Heh! I am in a minority again: "Blogs are currently the province of the young, with 92.4% of blogs created by people under the age of 30".


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Tuesday, January 13, 2004


George Will has a good review of a recent Gregg Easterbrook book on happiness. The basic point, of course, is that making a lot of money does not necessarily bring happiness. Anybody who reads anything about the lives of filmstars would have known that at least 50 years ago but economists and Leftists seem to have discovered it only recently and are using it as a weapon to say that we should stop trying to give people what they want -- in good authoritarian style. Nicolae Ceausescu, Joseph Stalin and Marshall Tito would approve.

But I had a post last year that traces unhappiness to Leftist values and it is certainly clear that conservatives are in fact happier.

So some things DO generally make a difference to your happiness -- and HOW you spend your money is a factor: "Money can buy happiness and the best investment advice may be as simple as the sports shoe slogan: just do it. That's the conclusion drawn by researchers who set out to identify what sort of spending made people happiest"



An editorial in "USA Today" backs U.S. intervention in Iraq as having improved world peace and safety and rejects Leftist claims that it has been "destabilizing" etc.

In the latest City Journal, Heather MacDonald shows that some of the most violent criminals at large today are illegal aliens. Yet cops cannot use the most obvious tool to catch them: their immigration status. Reasons: fear of offending powerful immigrant lobbies

A reader comments on "global warming": "Last year, there were no roses in Montreal in June - the winter had been the worst in many years. Apparently, more of the same this year."

An encouraging article here about moderate Islam in Turkey. Very different from the Arab world. Turks are an entirely different race from the Arabs of course and until roughly a century ago held most of the Arab world in subjection.

I have said little so far about the latest GWB illegal immigration "solution" because it does seem very complex. I am however almost sure that bureaucratic incompetence will transform it into a virtual "open-door" policy. Jeff Jacoby, however, seems to have some sensible comments on the matter and his stress on putting life back into "e pluribus unum" (i.e. the policy of assimilation) I heartily agree with. Australia has successfully assimilated a huge immigrant intake and America can do the same if the Leftist "all cutures are equal" dogma is defied.

The lost Left: "An examination of the plans that former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, Rep. Dick Gephardt (Mo.) and the rest of the nine dwarfs have proposed reveals just how sharply leftward the Democratic Party has tilted in recent years. Every one of the major contenders wants to raise taxes, wants to re-regulate key industries, militantly opposes private accounts for Social Security, supports the Kyoto Treaty on global warming, and would seek a much higher minimum wage. Most would create a Hillary Health Care- type plan for the nation"

About time: "People are turning increasingly to alternatives such as the Internet for news about the presidential campaign, shifting away from traditional outlets such as the nightly network news and newspapers, a poll found"

Dave Huber has a good post on the nonsense that passes for modern educational theory -- and which is all too often being imposed on our kids nowadays. I myself have taught High School under both systems -- "student directed" and "traditional" and there is no doubt which delivers students who know their subject.

The poor old Sikhs seem to have fallen foul of French anti-religious laws. For a Sikh not to wear a turban is to abandon his faith so I hope they are given an exemption -- as they so often are elsewhere. I have known Sikhs since my early youth and think they are exceptionally good citizens wherever they live.

"KOALA contraception was being considered as a way to curb population blow-outs among the marsupials in Victoria". But the Greenies still oppose any development in areas that Koalas inhabit, of course.

The Far-Leftist has been goosestepping backwards with its on-again off-again hate- speech about GWB being a "Nazi".

It looks like mad cow disease has become a hobbyhorse for some pretty mad people (if a disease can be a hobbyhorse). See here

Michael Darby has put up another big selection of postings. Some of his headlines:
Yet another "bank" scam
Cathy Buckle: Deepening Disaster in Zimbabwe
French Corruption
"Beyond the Razor Wire" - the truth about asylum-seekers
Seventy-two Dark-Eyed Virgins still taught as reward for Shahada (Death for Allah)
Democracy & the Enemies of Freedom
Tough Times For Terrorists
Public Broadcasting Service, Recruiting for Islam
Prepared for war and peace on Earth
Tax Reform for the New Century

The Wicked one has an Australian elaboration of an old joke about the FBI etc.


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Monday, January 12, 2004


Keith Windschuttle has a good review of a book about the "Noble Savage" myth that has for so long been so popular on the Left. I noted here on 4th how ludicrous is the image of primitive societies as wonderful and peaceful and non-violent. There is also a post at Marginal Revolution showing that in primitive societies an average of about 30% of all male deaths are caused by warfare! Peaceful indeed! The post also shows that deaths from warfare in the US and Europe are the tiniest fraction of that.

Windschuttle has also of course come under continuing attack for his revelations about how Australian history has been misreported by Leftist historians. His latest "salvo in reply" pulls no punches (If a salvo can pull punches). See here.


Whoopee! "Australia has abandoned a major international measure aimed at cutting greenhouse gas emissions, arguing that it is unlikely to come into effect and creates no incentive for industry to reduce such emissions"

Record Cold Freezes Northeastern States. That pesky global warming again!

An understandable wish: "An American Airlines commuter flight was diverted after a passenger passed a note to the crew demanding to be taken to Australia"

Those good old generous taxpayers again: "FORKLIFT drivers, nurses, engineers, teachers, clerks, information technology workers and architects are among the 292 "displaced" public servants costing taxpayers more than $17 million a year. They each earn an average of $61,000 a year despite having no official duties".

Those impartial librarians: "Ann Sparanese, a member of the governing Council of the American Library Association, has written a letter to the Voice criticizing my columns about Fidel Castro's prison sentences of 20 and more years for 75 Cuban dissenters, including 10 independent librarians. ... At an upcoming midwinter meeting in San Diego, from January 9 to 14, the ALA plans to decide whether it will indeed live up to its principles and finally support the locked-up independent librarians in Cuba. It has refused so far."

Unbelievable. Airline pilots still not armed: "They fly by the Capitol, but the bureaucrats won't trust pilots with guns.... "

"If American democracy is finally done in, the perpetrators will unlikely be Hitlerian figures whose strutting authoritarianism is plain to see, but a collection of well-meaning, schoolmarm-like activists who aim to restrict our freedoms for our own supposed good.

Worth remembering: GWB won the presidency without a majority of the popular vote but so did JFK. No Democrat outrage about that, though!

More conservative than GWB? "In his first speech to California's Legislature, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Tuesday touted March ballot measures aimed at solving the state's budget problems and demanded an overhaul of worker compensation laws to cut employers' costs and create more jobs. Schwarzenegger warned that painful spending cuts are coming as he outlined his agenda for 2004 in the annual 'state of the state' speech in Sacramento."

I guess I know why this is: Under US Army rule, Baghdad has a lower per capita murder rate than most US big cities. That reminds me of something else: I believe that whilst Australian troops were in Vietnam in the 60's they had a lower death-rate there than they did whilst back in Australia. One of my Army friends of that time was a case in point. He came back from Vietnam safe and sound only to die in a car accident in Australia. I am still saddened by the loss of Lt. Michael Joseph James Gillespie ("Mick") but it was drunk-driving that killed him, not the Viet Cong. I cannot imagine how his family must have felt at the loss of such a splendid young man in his prime of life. I hope their faith helped them.

Sowell: The BBC confuses neutrality with objectivity: "Objectivity refers to an honest seeking of the truth, whatever that truth may turn out to be and regardless of what its implications might be. Neutrality refers to a preconceived "balance," which subordinates the truth to this preconception". Sowell gives as an example historian Robert Conquest who objectively reported the famines and other horrors of the Soviet era -- but who was constantly accused by the Left of "bias" because of it. But we all now know that Conquest was right.

I have just put up a lot of Chris Brand's recent posts here. He has a big coverage of the cancellation by the BBC of a popular TV show because the presenter once made anti-Arab remarks. And the Arabs are gloating about it too.

Arlene Peck notes that millions of illegal Hispanic immigrants are now to be welcomed into the USA and hopes that a few million Palestinians can come too. She is sure they would be happier in the USA than in Israel.

The Wicked one has recent posts on diet fraud and sexual abstinence!


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Sunday, January 11, 2004


A nasty dilemma for the Greenies: "an MIT study says a global tripling of nuclear power generation could avoid nearly 2 billion tonnes of carbon emissions annually".

Why Greenies like to forget that water vapor is a "greenhouse gas" "Just how much of the "Greenhouse Effect" is caused by human activity? It is about 0.28%, if water vapor is taken into account-- about 5.53%, if not. This point is so crucial to the debate over global warming that how water vapor is or isn't factored into an analysis of Earth's greenhouse gases makes the difference between describing a significant human contribution to the greenhouse effect, or a negligible one. Water vapor constitutes Earth's most significant greenhouse gas, accounting for about 95% of Earth's greenhouse effect"

The Latest "Kyoto" nonsense, aid to Saudi Arabia: "Delegates said that Saudi Arabia, the world's biggest oil exporter, wanted promises of aid if Kyoto spurs a shift to renewable energies like tidal, solar or wind energy at the expense of fossil fuels"

GM crops becoming accepted: "The debate over Genetically Modified Organisms usually focuses on their safety. However, as study after scientific study continues to find that no unique or inherent risks arise from biotechnology, people will slowly but increasingly come to accept GM foods. Earlier this month, for example, the European Food Safety Authority announced that a particular variety of GM maize was perfectly safe for human consumption."

Unshakable Greenie religion: "Alarming predictions of mass extinctions due to future global warming, forthcoming in this week's edition of the journal Nature, represent yet another salvo in the ideological battle to frighten the public into believing in a future of catastrophic climate change. ... 'Not only are the conclusions outlandish, but the theory upon which the entire article rests has been itself thoroughly disproved,' said Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Iain Murray."

Crackpot Radio: "It is one thing to lean left politically. It is quite another to look the other way in the face of out-and-out lies, fraud, and misinformation in the arena of environmental science. The other day, I listened as my local National Public Radio (NPR) station gave a complete pass to a crackpot telling everyone in the listening audience that wind, waves, photovoltaic cells, and solar energy could easily replace fossil fuel."

A few days ago I noted with approval Randall Parker's comments on soot as a cause of global warming and had a laugh at how inconvenient it is for Greenies that it is mostly poor countries that produce lots of soot. A reader confirms that: "In 1988, at least, I would have classified Hungary as third-world. I happened to be there on a smallish economic visit. The low technology that they were using at the time made breathing the Pest air a challenge; the Buda air was better, since it sits on a bluff overlooking the Danube (Donau) .... Ditto for Bangkok, at least in the mid to late '60s. I suppose that most Asian cities are still that way". I commented jokingly in my post that Randall might end up wearing cement shoes for speaking so much truth and I am sad to say that there was an element of truth in that. Randall has emailed me to say that he has at times got hate-mail and abuse as a result of his attempts at objectivity.


"Former US president Bill Clinton said in October during a visit to Portugal that he was convinced Iraq had weapons of mass destruction up until the fall of Saddam Hussein, Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Manuel Durao Barroso said". Portuguese blogger Valete Fratres (post of 9th) gives a selection of quotes from what Clinton said as President that back up the story. So if Bush lied, Clinton lied too!

Maybe I am easily amused but this comment about General Wesley Clark in Opinion Journal made me laugh: "Clark, who has never run for office and has spent virtually his entire adult life in the military, has had far less contact with women than have most politicians (to say nothing of Bill Clinton)...."

Bernard Chapin is a good man. He has just "interviewed" me (via email) for Men's News Daily.

An excellent article about Rush Limbaugh's painkiller problems and the relentless media attack on him. One excerpt: "About the criminal probes, Limbaugh attorney Roy Black asks rhetorically, "Of all of the . . . millions of people who've become addicted to painkillers, some very well-known people, have you ever seen search warrants served on their doctor's offices? Have you ever watched people on television leafing through records, calling out the names of their doctors and a list of medications they were using? Has anyone ever seen that before? The first person is Rush Limbaugh. And you have to ask yourself, why is that?"

Good to see a glimmering of sense entering the discussion of the African AIDS "epidemic". I have always pointed out (e.g. here) that in Africa almost any serious disease is automatically attributed to AIDS. It seems that the official wisdom is beginning to agree. With just a little more care about their statistics, they have reduced the number of cases in Kenya from 3 million to 1 million, for instance. But what's a couple of million people between friends?

Wow! The famous Tuskegee experiment of the 1930s which left syphilitic blacks untreated is now routinely held up as an example of wicked racist deeds. BUT, someone who has looked behind the hype reports: "I also learned that the study emerged out of a liberal progressive public health movement concerned about the health and wellbeing of the African-American population" Those racist liberals! And it was only blacks who appeared to have got over the disease who were left untreated anyway.

The "Carnegie" study that strongly criticises the Iraq policies of the Bush administration has got a lot of press. The authors are presented as "experts" and "researchers". In fact, two of the authors worked for Clinton. The third author, Joseph Cirincione, has proven himself to be a hardline Bush-hater and a foe of the "neo-conservatives". David Kaspar has the details.


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