Saturday, July 05, 2003


Great! The upheaval in the European parliament caused by a Leftist slur on the Italian Prime Minister looks like it could make the EU parliament almost unworkable -- at least for a while. The EU-loving Leftists might have shot themselves in the foot. Let’s hope that P.M. Berlusconi does NOT apologize any further for his contemptuous retort!

Sounds good: “Australian and United States officials meeting in Brisbane next week will discuss an aggressive military operation to force down aircraft and board ships suspected of carrying prohibited weapons from North Korea, Iran, Syria and Libya

Australian workers get far more holidays than Americans do so Australia has a reputation as the “land of the long weekend”. But apparently the REAL holiday-holics are the Europeans!

Interesting: Australians in New York are something of an elite group!

About time! The British company bosses who caused a train to crash by their persistent negligence are to be prosecuted for manslaughter. Negligence leading to death is what manslaughter laws are all about. If only the negligence of government bodies were similarly prosecuted!

I don't blame them: Separatism is enjoying a resurgence in Newfoundland and Labrador. A royal commission on the province's future within Canada has helped feed that sentiment. The commission has handed its report to the provincial government and it's due to be made public on Wednesday. In the meantime, Dave Hopley of St. John's, has been selling about 200 of his 'Free Nfld.' T-shirts each month. 'It's a popular sentiment these days,' he says."

Affirmative action harms many blacks. It causes them to be devalued by all. This black professor says that because of affirmative action he feels compelled to post his test scores on the web.

John Pilger’s lies get tedious but this is a good demolition of his ridiculous attack on the USA for using non-radioactive uranium in their ammunition. Another thing the article could have mentioned is that non-radioactive uranium is actually used in medicine to SHIELD people from radiation.

”Why would custody of the Bryant children, who all involved agree are loved and well cared for at home, be transferred to DSS when no law has been broken? ... The bottom line is that the government would like to regulate this family. And my family. And your family."

“Gun control laws in major cities do nothing to keep 9mms and AK-47s away from male career criminals, but they are very effective in removing the .38 revolvers from the purses of career women in the subways”. Only a Leftist could fail to see that.

"The essence of being an American is not where you were born....." says The Misanthropyst on July 4th.

The Wicked one has a couple of postings on “diversity” at work in American High Schools (and an Irish joke too). Great stuff that diversity!

Because they are mostly Leftists, psychologists very much like an old Marxist theory which claims that it is conservatives who are authoritarian rather than Leftists. My academic posting today (See also here) is an article that I had published in 1976 which reports findings that comprehensively demolish that old Marxist theory. If psychology were a real science that should have caused psychologists to question the theory. It didn’t. Leftists care only about what sounds good to them. Evidence is an irrelevance.


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