Saturday, September 13, 2003


Gareth Parker, one of my fellow conservative Australian bloggers has described me as too “lunar” for him. I wonder would he like to point out one claim I have made that is not backed up with good scientific and historical evidence? But I guess that the facts can be pretty “lunar” at times. They certainly conflict with a lot of popular notions.

The good Gareth should perhaps note that almost all of my “lunar” pronouncements have in fact been previously published in widely-circulated academic journals -- e.g. here and here -- and getting anything past the basilisk eyes of academic journal editors is no mean feat for anyone. They of course have access to the world’s best expertise on the subject concerned and the fact that my conclusions are ones that they would not generally find congenial means that my evidence and reasoning has to have been exceptionally watertight.

This is not of course remotely to say that everything published in academic journals is correct -- but it is to say that anything published there would have a very hard time being “lunar”.


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