Tuesday, December 16, 2003


An email from a reader:

I was very incensed to see the extended coverage given on 'Everybody's ABC' to a family of Palestinian morons.

This young couple are planning to have eight children and want at least 4 to be suicide bombers. They were presented as if this was their only option for a better future and nary a word about the payments they will receive for each child slaughtered this way. Where is the human rights outcry against this sort of abuse of children?

Not a word was mentioned of the billions given to the PLO and associates and the money spent by their leaders on their own lifestyles that should have gone to the Palestian people to ease their suffering

The reporter went on at great length with regard to the 'INCURSION' of the IDF and the destruction of Palestinian homes where 'THEY' claimed 3 terrorists were hiding. Footage was extensively focused on the damage. Then, as almost an afterthought, it was mentioned that there had been an attack on Jews in Tel Aviv. Nothing else -- no details. I am so tired of "Our" ABC's biased coverage -- not once have I seen such coverage of Jewish/Israeli families and homes when their women, children and soldiers are butchered unless it is to record the delight to the deranged Palestinan sympathizer.

It is outrageous that we are still subjected to such bias. As for the 'Wall' being built, what in God's name would we do if our lives were under constant terror attack?”


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