Friday, July 30, 2004


A reader has pointed out to me that this Leftist version of what Fascism is/was has been much reproduced on the net. It now seems to be widely accepted as gospel among Leftists. Needless to say it is a totally bigoted coverup. The author mentions 14 characteristics of Fascism without including any mention of the fact that it was both socialist and an offshoot of Marxism! What frauds Leftists are. In a way I understand them, though. They desperately need to deny that Fascism was Leftist. It would do them enormous harm if everybody came to realize that ALL the great totalitarian regimes of the 20th century were Leftist!

The article also claims (surprise, surprise!) that the USA is Fascist and I have just posted here a detailed reply to that.

As one way of countering the misrepresentations, I have reposted both the latest lot of misrepresentations and a similar set of misrepresentations from another author on one of my sites -- only the version I have posted has a redirection in red to point people to a truthful history of the matter. I am hoping that anybody with a website reading this will link to my "revised" versions of the sites concerned and thus push them high enough up the Google rankings for people to see my revised site as well as the originals when they google "fascism". My "revised" sites are here and here.


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