Tuesday, December 14, 2004


From the emails I receive, many people get quite a lot out of my blogs. Since I have seven regular blogs at the moment, however, it seems obvious to me that very few of my readers would read them all. So I thought it might be useful if I were to highlight what I thought were the most interesting posts on each of them once a week. That way everyone who reads this blog will get some idea what is on all of them. So here goes:

On Dissecting Leftism, I discuss America's most offensive four-letter word.

On Leftists as Elitists, I discuss the Hollywood elite.

On Political Correctness Watch, I note that winners are now frowned on in Canadian school sports.

On Greenie Watch I note that global warming is now said to be racist(!).

On Socialized Medicine, I note that drug price-controls are bad for your health.

On Education Watch, I note that educational attainments went up in Florida schools when social promotion was ended.

Gun Watch has some pithy sayings about the usefulness of guns.


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