Friday, May 27, 2005


US economy, supply-side economics and Say's law The problem with the supply-siders is that they do not realise that their crude monetary views are dangerously subversive of free markets and that they bring about recessions for which the market always gets the blame.
Savings and money - what is the relationship? Most economists have no real idea about the nature of savings. That's why they think budget surpluses are savings.
Castro and Al-Jazeera indignant over Cuban-exile 'terrorist' Fidel Castro joins with Islamo-fascists and other terrorists while our media looks the other way
Australian economy, immigration and economic growth A great many misconceptions about immigration and the nature of economic growth abound, particularly in Australia.
The National Jewish Post & Opinion's Thought Police Self-hating Jews at the National Jewish Post & Opinion ban Arlene Peck for speaking out


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