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An Oregon reader responds to my recent mention of an NYT article about illegal immigrants being pulled up by local rather than Federal police and then being handed over to immigration authorities:

"Back in the seventies and eighties I would get calls, usually in the middle of the night, to help local police book non-English speaking arrestees. Most but not all were Mexicans, and usually they had been picked up for trivial offenses. But the police needed all the pertinent information, such as their street address in Mexico.... Anyway, in those days if someone was illegal they were always handed over to the federal immigration authorities to be deported, but then the practice was abandoned, probably because too many people felt sorry for the poor Mexicans. After all, all they want to do is make a living, right? Wrong. Some certainly do, but in the local crime reports the majority of offenders goes by Manuel or Jesus or Jose. Not long ago a huge methamphetamine-importing gang was busted here - all Mexican, mostly illegal, with a few white trash hangers-on.

What did surprise me was the provenance of the news article, because the New York Times is a leftist rag, and Westchester and Putnam counties, just to the north of the City, are very wealthy liberal enclaves. They were even when I lived there, now 35 years ago. So it says something for the country's mood that the police in such areas are now getting federal immigration into the loop. What most foreigners don't understand about America is that there is no chain of command in law enforcement: local police do not have to cooperate with federal authorities unless they choose to, so when they do there is usually some incentive involved: perhaps a federal grant, or other favors in return. If nothing else, this increase in cooperation could do wonders for local crime rates, too; this may be part of the Putnam county authorities' reasoning".



As most readers here will know, I have seven blogs which I update daily. I may be the only septablogger there is (I just made that word up -- but on good linguistic principles!). But in accordance with the wise words of Christ in the parable of the talents, it appears that I have now become an octoblogger!

After many years of sterling service, the founder of TONGUE-TIED, Scott Norvell, wants to take a backseat from now on. That means that instead of doing around half of the posts there, I will be doing nearly all of them. But, as one person doing the work of two, I need all the help I can get. So I am hoping that readers here will be sending me lots of links to stories that might be of interest to TONGUE-TIED readers. It would be particularly good if readers would keep an eye on their local media for cases of censorship etc. I personally can only possibly keep up with the major media.



Germany ends Nazi secrecy: "Germany's decision to grant access to a massive archive of Nazi Holocaust records means thousands of Australian Jewish families may finally get conclusive information about the fate of relatives. The archives, boxed away in a former Nazi SS barracks in the German town of Bad Arolsen, contain information on 17.5 million concentration camp prisoners, forced labourers and other victims of the Third Reich. In Jerusalem, Holocaust specialist Shlomo Aharonson, a historian at Hebrew University, said the archives were supposed to contain all the names of those who died in World War II, both Jews and non-Jews. Citing privacy concerns, Germany had for decades resisted releasing the records, but yesterday Justice Minister Brigitte Zypries announced the Government had relented. The announcement ends a 20-year effort by the Holocaust Museum, the US, France, Poland and some other countries to pry open the archives. Until now, only the international Red Cross had been permitted to sort through the information, with families and historians denied direct access for the past 60 years".

Australians are rich! (Thanks to a healthy economy): Every Australian is now worth an average of $316,000, with a soaring sharemarket and house prices behind an unprecedented wealth boom. According to a Treasury survey, Australia's private wealth kitty is now $6.5 trillion - the biggest ever, and a rise of nearly 10 per cent in the past year. But while world-leading levels of private share ownership and investment property purchases are two of the reasons behind the wealth boom, experts say the biggest influence is much less personal. Professor Mark Wooden from the Melbourne Institute, a conservative think-tank, said the population naturally grew wealthier as the economy expanded.

Hate-preaching in Britain: "Muslim students training to be imams at a British college with strong Iranian links have complained that they are being taught fundamentalist doctrines which describe nonMuslims as "filth". The Times has obtained extracts from medieval texts taught to the students in which unbelievers are likened to pigs and dogs. The texts are taught at the Hawza Ilmiyya of London, a religious school, which has a sister institution, the Islamic College for Advanced Studies (ICAS), which offers a degree validated by Middlesex University. The students, who have asked to remain anonymous, study their religious courses alongside the university-backed BA in Islamic studies. They spend two days a week as religious students and three days on their university course."

OK to maim babies if you are a Muslim: "A Bangladeshi woman who shook a baby boy so violently that he suffered brain damage walked free from court yesterday because a judge conceded that she did not know how to behave in the West. Rahella Khanom, 24, caused the five-month-old boy in her care to suffer fractures to his breast bone and ribs as she tried to rid him of evil spirits, Southwark Crown Court was told. The injuries inflicted on the child over several weeks had caused one side of his brain to shrink. It was believed that the boy would have been screaming in agony for eight weeks because his injuries went untreated"

BBC blows the people's money on favoured sons: "The BBC suffered a backlash from licence fee-payers yesterday as radio listeners accused stars of failing to provide value for money after learning of their salaries through a series of leaks. Executives are braced for further revelations after Jeremy Paxman was the latest well-known name to find his apparent earnings revealed. He is reported to earn about 800,000 pounds for fronting Newsnight and a further 240,000 for hosting University Challenge on BBC Two. Scotland Yard said that it was ready to assist an internal inquiry by the BBC into the source of the leak, which is suspected to be the work of a disgruntled former employee.... However the figures, not challenged by the traditionally secretive corporation, have disclosed information consistently denied through Freedom of Information requests.... The BBC was also forced to defend an 80,731 pound spend on Christmas parties. Tessa Jowell, the Culture Secretary, is expected to be asked about the revelations when she answers questions about the BBC's demand for an increased licence fee at a House of Lords committee today.



Practically all policies advocated by the Left create poverty. Leftists get the government to waste vast slabs of the country's labour-force on bureaucracy and paperwork and so load the burden of providing most useful goods and services onto fewer and fewer people. So fewer useful goods and services are produced to go around. That is no accident. The Left love the poor. The Left need the poor so that they can feel good by patronizing and "helping" them. So they do their best to create as many poor people as possible.

The Big Lie of the late 20th century was that Nazism was Rightist. It was in fact typical of the Leftism of its day. It was only to the Right of Stalin's Communism. The very word "Nazi" is a German abbreviation for "National Socialist" (Nationalsozialistisch)

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