Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Muslim refugees desecrate Belgian churches

Failure to confront reality exacts its price:

Illegal immigrants have taken refuge in some Belgian churches and, according to the conservative Brussels Journal, these churches "are being turned into mosques before [the bishops'] very eyes." A recent report in the journal indicates that the Belgian bishops have opened their churches and offered sanctuary to illegal immigrants in order to pressurize the Belgian authorities to allow them to stay in the country. Most of these illegal immigrants are Muslim, and the Brussels Journal accused the bishops of being "ignorant" to the fact that these immigrants are desecrating the churches.

According to the Belgian publication, the squatters live in tents in the churches. Catholic relief organizations provided the tents and offered radios, television sets and computers. They hold Islamic prayer services in the church and display banners showing the name of Allah. They have also moved the altar and covered the face of a statue of Our Lady with a cloth



As Richard Cohen, a Washington Post "liberal", found out when he said that a comedian who had criticized Bush was not funny. HE then became the target of the hate. Cohen writes:

"Then I wrote about Stephen Colbert and his unfunny performance at the White House Correspondents' dinner. Kapow! Within a day, I got more than 2,000 e-mails. A day later, I got 1,000 more. By the fourth day, the number had reached 3,499 -- a figure that does not include the usual offers of nubile Russian women or loot from African dictators. The Colbert messages began with Patrick Manley ("You wouldn't know funny if it slapped you in the face'') and ended with Ron (``Colbert ROCKS, you MURDER'') who was so proud of his thought that he copied countless others. Ron, you're a genius.

"Truth to tell, I peeked into only a few of the e-mails. I did this because I would sometimes recognize a name I thought I knew, which was almost always a mistake. When I guilelessly clicked on the name, I would get a bucket of raw, untreated and disease-laden sewage right in the face. I'd quickly delete the thing, like closing a manhole cover, and move on, trying to figure out how to peek into an e-mail without getting the full, ugly message. No way....

"The e-mails pulse in my queue, emanating raw hatred. This spells trouble -- not for Bush or, in 2008, the next GOP presidential candidate, but for Democrats. The anger festering on the Democratic left will be taken out on the Democratic middle. (Watch out Hillary!) I have seen this anger before -- back in the Vietnam War era. That's when the anti-war wing of the Democratic Party helped elect Richard Nixon. In this way, they managed to prolong the very war they so hated.

"The hatred is back. I know it's only words now appearing on my computer screen, but the words are so angry, so roiled with rage, that they are the functional equivalent of rocks once so furiously hurled during anti-war demonstrations."

For more on Leftists as haters, see here



Tokenism: "US President George W. Bush unveiled plans overnight to deploy up to 6000 National Guard troops on the US-Mexico border to bolster efforts to stem the flow of illegal immigrants. In a rare nationally televised speech that underlined the political stakes, Mr Bush denied he was "militarising" the border but said he wanted to use the troops to back up the Border Patrol while he added 6000 officers in the next two years."

Now we are in big trouble -- Chavez supports Iran!: "Venezuela's visiting President Hugo Chavez said here Friday Caracas supports the Islamic Republic of Iran. Speaking to IRNA on the sidelines of the EU-Latin America Summit, Chavez said, "We pray to `Allah' that no war would be launched against Iran!" The Venezuelan President added, "We believe the Iranian nation's campaign is our own nation's, and we ask the world countries to respect Iran's independence." He concluded stressing, "We are on the side of the Iranian nation and pray for President Ahmadinejad."

Tories attack the Beeb: "The Conservatives will intensify their attack on the power of the BBC today with a call for limits on its ability to "crowd out smaller players" in internet and local television markets. George Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor, will suggest that the BBC should be blocked from dominating online and local media in order to safeguard independent innovators who cannot get a foothold. Mr Osborne will build on the warning from his leader David Cameron last week that "we need to look at ways of making sure that the BBC doesn't overextend itself"."

Freer trade lifts all boats: "The global economy is on a growth streak that is shaping up to be the broadest and strongest expansion in more than three decades. Rising spending and investment by consumers and businesses worldwide are boosting national economies on every continent, pushing down unemployment rates in many countries and lifting business earnings and confidence. . . . The trend is being driven by free trade, which has created millions of jobs in emerging nations in recent years, fueling stunning new wealth in those countries."

Brazil is finished! Or so Luis Afonso thinks. And it is hard to disagree. Read Luis for the details.

With the recent arrival in London of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, an editorial in the Sunday Times once again mulls over the puzzle of why Leftists cream their jeans over dictators and other authoritarian rulers. The editorial does not quite get to the obvious solution to the puzzle, however: That Leftists themselves are would-be dictators -- despite all their flim-flam about "caring" etc.

Good: Muslim thugs kill one-another: "A man shot dead in a Sydney park was a suspect on the run over the fatal stabbing of Robin Nassour and the wounding of his brother, Fat Pizza actor George Nassour. Police have used fingerprints to identify Faouxi Abou-Jibal after his body was found with a gunshot wound to the back in a Lakemba park early yesterday. A warrant was issued late last month for Abou-Jibal's arrest over the attack on the Nassour brothers, stabbed in a Chiswick garage in January.



"All the worth which the human being possesses, all spiritual reality, he possesses only through the State." -- 19th century German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. Hegel is the most influential philosopher of the Left -- inspiring Karl Marx, the American "Progressives" of the early 20th century and university socialists to this day.

The Big Lie of the late 20th century was that Nazism was Rightist. It was in fact typical of the Leftism of its day. It was only to the Right of Stalin's Communism. The very word "Nazi" is a German abbreviation for "National Socialist" (Nationalsozialistisch)

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