Friday, October 12, 2007

Brookes News Update

The US economy's bubble: casting the runes: The real problem is not interest rates, exchange rates, unemployment, etc., it is bad economics. So long central banks and economists refuse to jettison Keynesian fallacies and the fallacy of the stable price level, and adopt sound money policies the US economy will continue to suffer periodic economic crises
What is happening to the US dollar?: Reading about the US dollar has once again brought home to me just how little our economic commentariat understand about the link between exchange rates, money supply and the balance of payments
Kevin Rudd promises us economic planning: Carr and Rudd can call their economic meddling `industry policy', `industrial intervention', `picking winners', `promoting sunrise industries', etc., but it still amounts to dirigisme. This kind of economic policy should remind us of the folly and arrogance of would-be central planners
Phoniness in and out of uniform and the Democrats: Democrats, Soros-funded bigots and leftwing journalists are waging an outrageous campaign of falsehoods against Rush Limbaugh. But their real target is the First Amendment
John Kerry and the Bruce Springsteen cavalcade of hatred: Poor little Bruce Springsteen is upset because patriotic Americans object to his anti-victory music. In this twerp's political world patriotism is wishing defeat for your country's defeat.
How the diseased left see the world: The same diseased left that supported every communist dictatorship that can be named is the same diseased left that refused to speak out against Saddam's sadistic regime, and opposed the liberation of Iraq. These totalitarians have made themselves willing accomplices of terrorism as the de facto alliance between the left and Islamofascism clearly reveals
The way to win the immigration battle: Thus, proposing the elimination of immigration is not only the right thing, it's the only thing. The present course of action guarantees eventual defeat
Return of Tariff Wars: Tariffs are back on the political agenda along with all the usual mercantilist fallacies
Silence in Syria, panic in Iran: Syria and the tyrants in Tehran are in a state of panic. They have just discovered that Israel and the US have developed the capacity to penetrate these tyrannies' air defences without being detected
A quiet triumph over Al Qaeda may be brewing: The Bush Administration, most likely through the CIA and DIA, has pulled off a fantastic maneuver to split the global Islamic jihad movement at its base. This is the kind of stuff we may not hear about in detail for another fifty years. Congratulations to our President and our brave soldiers and intelligence assets for making this happen
Osama bin Laden and Larry Flynt: Larry Flynt is another story. Where one thinks we have too much democracy (although the Osama crowd doesn't even know what democracy is), Larry is under the impression that we are fast losing ours. Funny, I happen to believe that is exactly what is taking place in America today
Greens using Wal-Mart to bully suppliers: In a squalid attempt to ingratiate itself with green fanatics Wal-Mart has turned to bullying its suppliers into accepting green mandates. It has also partnered a coalition of 315 institutional investors who have graciously taken it upon themselves to decide the planet's economic destiny. Aren't we the lucky ones?
Warm, watered and well fed is better: Even the dumbest sheep in Australia knows that being warm, watered and well fed is better than being cold, thirsty and starving. So what does that make politicians who fall over each other to praise the green myth of man-made global warming?



Terrified of the Greenies, GE gives its light bulb business to China: "General Electric is taking another step away from its industrial heritage by closing seven light-bulb factories in the US and Brazil with the loss of 1400 jobs. The move is part of a $US500 million ($568 million) restructuring of the conglomerate's slow-growing industrial unit and is aimed at reducing GE's reliance on low-margin businesses. Under the plan, GE would close one plant in Brazil, which has around 900 employees, six factories in Ohio, part of GE's 26 light-bulb plants in the US, and some operations in Mexico. GE's lighting division employs around 25,000 people around the world. GE had already signalled the intention to scale back its lighting division, which had sales of $US3 billion last year, and has been dogged by falling demand for traditional incandescent bulbs. But Thursday's decision to curb activities at a business that has been a cornerstone of GE for 128 years underlines the changing nature of the world's second-largest company. Jim Campbell, the head of GE's consumer and industrial unit, which has already lost 3000 people over the past year, said the restructuring of the lighting unit was "one of the most important things we have done in the 100-plus years history" of the business."

Making a difference: "Ordinary Americans are tracking down U.S. Web sites used by al Qaeda and jihadi sympathizers and then using the Internet to persuade the service providers to snuff out the sites. "I do this because it has to be done," says one blogger who calls himself a "counter-cyberjihadist" for his campaigns to post on the Web the Internet service providers (ISPs) that host the pro-jihad sites. A perfect storm of complaints forced several ISPs to shut down Web sites just days before al Qaeda released a tape of Osama bin Laden in August, says Aaron Weisburd, director of the Society for Internet Research and host of the Web site He released a list of 19 pro-jihad Web sites, some of which were shut down in August. The tactic was so effective that al Qaeda later said it was forced to disseminate the video directly to the networks, Mr. Weisburd said."

Marriage of Muslim Woman to Non-Muslim Man - Forbidden and Invalid: "A fatwa issued in August 2007 by the secretary-general of the Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America (AMJA), Dr. Sheikh Salah Al-Sawy, states that marriage between a Muslim woman and a non-Muslim man is forbidden and invalid, and that children born of such a union are illegitimate. The following are excerpts from the fatwa, which was posted on the website "Marriage between a Muslim woman and a non-Muslim [man] is forbidden and invalid - that is a consensus among Muslims. A [Muslim] woman who has taken the liberty [of marrying a non-Muslim man] has removed herself from the fold of the Muslim community - and one who has done so knowing that it is wrong, has done something strictly forbidden, and has committed an open [act of] abomination that may hurl her into the abyss of heresy and apostasy".

Helpfully highlighting Osama's next target: "New York's iconic Empire State Building is to be lit up green from Friday in honor of the Muslim holiday of Eid, the biggest festival in the Muslim calendar marking the end of Ramadan, officials said. "This is the first time that the Empire State Building will be illuminated for Eid, and the lighting will become an annual event in the same tradition of the yearly lightings for Christmas and Hannukah," according to a statement.


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"Why should the German be interested in the liberation of the Jew, if the Jew is not interested in the liberation of the German?... We recognize in Judaism, therefore, a general anti-social element of the present time... In the final analysis, the emancipation of the Jews is the emancipation of mankind from Judaism.... Indeed, in North America, the practical domination of Judaism over the Christian world has achieved as its unambiguous and normal expression that the preaching of the Gospel itself and the Christian ministry have become articles of trade... Money is the jealous god of Israel, in face of which no other god may exist". Who said that? Hitler? No. It was Karl Marx. See also here and here and here.

The Big Lie of the late 20th century was that Nazism was Rightist. It was in fact typical of the Leftism of its day. It was only to the Right of Stalin's Communism. The very word "Nazi" is a German abbreviation for "National Socialist" (Nationalsozialistisch) and the full name of Hitler's political party (translated) was "The National Socialist German Workers' Party".


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