Sunday, August 17, 2008

Google are being evil

My OBAMA WATCH blog has been spam-tagged for 5 days now. That is extraordinary. In the past, one or two days have sufficed to get the tagging lifted.

The blog is still perfectly readable and I can post to it but I have to go through a rigamarole every time I want to post.

I have both sent in an unblocking request and emailed them but no response. I have to think it is deliberate. The Google bosses LOVE Obama.

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clyde said...

i've read quite a few conservative or not-quite-enamored-with-obama blogs getting knocked off-line by blogger.

in researching the process (two weeks ago) i learned that blogger took complained-about blogs off-line THEN researched it. wordpress claims that they view a blog first - then take actions.

seems to me that obamians are having some fun with the blogger process.