Saturday, August 02, 2008

Two problems now beaten

Access to Greenie Watch was restored in record time. New posts are now up and accessible. Any problem I mention on this site seems to get prompt attention from Google. They must have this site on some sort of watch list.

Just as I had beaten that problem, another one popped up. Something strange is happening with Internet explorer. It gave just an error message if you tried to access several of my sites. I am told that Firefox was not giving any trouble, though.

Anyway, until somebody fixes whatever the problem is, I have reverted to older and simpler templates for the blogs affected. That has restored access but the sites are not as well organized as they were. I hope to get back to the former templates soon.



Conservative Australian cartoonist ZEG has just offered his take on the Chinese Olympic censorship issue.


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Anonymous said...

the Internet Explorer problem seems linked to sitemeter ... for example loads fine on Firefox but gives 'Operation Aborted' on Internet Explorer 7 with latest downloads ... hat tip Little Green Footballs