Thursday, October 23, 2008

Naughty Obama Mamma

It's amazing what there is on the internet. A geneological researcher has emailed me with three pictures of Obama's mother in the nude. That would be of trivial interest except for the setting in which the picures were taken. They were clearly taken in a sophisticated mid-century apartment and my correspondent suggests that the apartment details could be used to identify the photographer. He feels that the photographer is the Communist "Frank" whom Obama mentions as his mentor. That Frank was so intimate with Obama's mother would support the contention that Frank was in fact Obama's father. Various bloggers have pointed out how similar Obama looks to "Frank" and the coverup of Obama's birth certificate is certainly very suspicious.

I will not post the pictures here as Google would undoubtedly take down this blog as soon as I did. Instead, I have posted the pictures here and here and here.

I give below part of the email from my correspondent:
By pure serendipity I found a photo of what I believe is Stanley Ann Dunham; two more I found through sheer plod. They are taken before Christmas by the decorations and unopened presents. Also a stereo and records that an expert could confirm as jazz records are in view.There is a distinctive grain to the wood floors. I do research including genealogical and had downloaded everything I could find. Not much. So when I saw the picture, I locked on the the ear lobes, chin, eyebrows. It is she. A nude photo,not distasteful, but posed, I believe, by a mature man who knows what he likes, including jazz and now we know young girls. One could ascertain the location of where the photos were taken.

And the shoes..not indigenous to Hawaii,but maybe not unsual for Helen Canfield Chicago socialite and Marshall's second wife. The photos are important in the sense that they explain the going to Chicago and the immediate acceptance by the hard left, if his father is Frank Marshall Davis, not just his mentor


McCain Outperforming Bush in Ohio Bellwethers?

I continue to hear from my source on the ground in Ohio, who is seeing results for McCain that are surprisingly good. He puts it, "in a key bellweather section of Ohio, McCain continues to show internals that are exceeding the national pollsters' results. This portends a potentially larger McCain victory in Ohio than Bush had in 2004."

As for those national pollsters, note that Fox News/Rasmussen puts McCain up 2, NBC/Mason-Dixon puts McCain up 1 and Rasmussen had it a tie last week. My guy on the ground thinks this might mean that the internal polling is a leading indicator, and he's noting that if McCain does as well among the key demographics in neighboring Pennsylvania as he is in Ohio, then the Democrats ought to be sweating about that state.

That's far from a given, of course; Pennsylvania is a bluer state than Ohio. I don't know that McCain will win Pennsylvania, but it isn't like he hasn't been given enough material - "spread the wealth around", "no coal plants", Murtha alternately calling his constituents "racists" and "rednecks," the bitter small-town clinger comment, etc.

I can hear it now - "Jim, Jim, what about the Suffolk Poll showing McCain losing Ohio by 9?" Well, if the Ohio electorate on Nov. 4 really does turn out to be 54 percent women and 46 percent men, and 45 percent Democrat and 31 percent Republican, then that may very well be the result. But I would be curious about which debilitating virus is attacking those with Y chromosomes in that state. (Having said that, the 2004 exit poll put the gender split at 53-47 in favor of women.)



There Will Be No Righting Voting Wrongs in Ohio

Reporting in the DC Examiner today, Quin Hilyer reports that there will be no righting voting wrongs in Ohio, in part because of the fact that Department of Justice lawyers who should be paying attention are not. Instead, they're "in the tank" for Barack Obama:

The kicker: The DOJ attorney on the case, former Ted Kennedy-affiliated lawyer James Walsh, is a contributor to the Obama campaign, as is his boss, former ACLU attorney Mark Kappelhoff. In all, DOJ lawyers and staff in the metro area have donated at least $150,000 to Obama. No wonder they seem more interested in prosecuting those who warn against vote fraud than enforcing vote-fraud laws.

This disconcerting news comes four days after I published a post (Supreme Court Confirms It: The Fix Is In!) about the high court's decision to allow Ohio's Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner - a Democrat! - to ignore the temporary restraining order issued by the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio that ordered her to update Ohio's Statewide Voter Registration Database in compliance with Section 3003 of the Help America Vote Act of 2002.

Now, more than ever, it appears the fix is in and there's nothing within the law that anyone can do about it until the next election cycle - unless, that is, the fears outlined by The Gadfly come to fruition under an Obama Administration.



Willie Brown: ACORN thinks it is entitled to break the rules

I am starting to like Brown, the former mayor of San Francisco who served 15 years as California's Speaker of the House. He'sa Democrat's Democrat. I hope he does not mind this little lift from his Sunday's column:
The Republicans do, however, have a point about ACORN and those voter registration drives. I have dealt with organizations like that for years. They all think they are sacrosanct and entitled to play fast and loose. They see themselves as advocates of the deprived, and they are made up of a combination of idealists, elements of the religious movement, and people like Obama. People who come out of college or law school and don't really need to go out and work, so they do a stint at community service.

ACORN and organizations like it are great places to do a stint like that. You use your skills and relationships to help them get grants. In return, groups like ACORN are unabashedly supportive of those who help them - especially with voter registration and get-out-the-vote drives.

We used to call that telling it like it is.



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The Big Lie of the late 20th century was that Nazism was Rightist. It was in fact typical of the Leftism of its day. It was only to the Right of Stalin's Communism. The very word "Nazi" is a German abbreviation for "National Socialist" (Nationalsozialist) and the full name of Hitler's political party (translated) was "The National Socialist German Workers' Party" (In German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei)



Anonymous said...

I looked at the photos and I looked at the photos comparing it with photos of Obama’s mother and I just had one question?

Are you an idiot?

The photos of the lady in the photo don’t look anything like that of Obama’s mom (for one thing Obama’s mom has long hair).

And even if it was Obama’s mom and even if one night as a lark his mom and Frank Marshall Davis took these photos that alone doesn’t indicate a sexual relationship between them.

And that is Frank Marshall Davis took the photos which the evidence you gave for that was weak indeed.

And again looking at photos that I knew was Obama’s mom and comparing it to this lady, they didn’t have much resemblance.

So, I wondered, wow, this guy must be a real idiot to fall for this.

Then I started giving you the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps this was a piece of satire. Perhaps you were making a larger point with these accusations.

Then it dawned on me. This is about the claim that the crazy left made saying that Palin’s most recent child was actually her daughter’s child. They had evidence even more flimsy than this when they made the claim.

That’s the problem with such satire. It is often so subtle that people miss it (especially those who want to paint a certain picture of us). Yeah, you made a very good point here. I just hope others don’t miss it like I almost did.

Anonymous said...

According to US election laws, only US citizens are allowed to donate to candidates

Artfldgr said...

anon 1,
thats why the person writing said they looked at the EAR... the shape of the ear is like a fingerprint, no two are alike and are used to identify people once age as set in.

and long verses short hair?

the thing i have notices is that people wish not to apply normal reason to the candidate, because the candidate then would lose. so any and every mental flip is used...

take a coworker who just said that, based on nothing, obamas colb lawsuit shouldnt go forward. why? beacsue one man shouldnt be ablt to do that. so i said, if you have a lawsuit against me, i can have it thrown out because your alone? he said no... then your logic doesnt hold up.. i said are you willing to have a person who lied and is a foreign born citizen be president and have a hidden agenda? he said waht hidden agenda? well the first one is that he is foreign born and not telling you. who knows what else, as such dishonesty doesnt bode wll for honesty in general.

basically, he said its his opinion, and it is valid. and i said is that opinion based on facts? were they concluded by a line of reasoning?

if i develope the opinion that the world is fat, and that little pink elephants make everything work, do i have a valid opinon? he said no...

just as valid as yours...
since it would be based on the same absent reasonsing.

Anonymous said...

what a you think this will affect the election process....if obama is frank davis's son, then the wrong name will be on the ballot, and people will be voting for someone who doses not exist.


Anonymous said...

If they are Obama's lovely mother at age 16? I would bet on it that it was Obama himself who leaked these photos to that tasteless website. Davis has been dead over 20yrs, and his mother dead over 10yrs, these private photos would naturally fall in the hands of Obama or Davis kids.

The big picture issue is the location place of birth (which was Kenya), and his Indonesian Citizenship both which make Obama or whatever his name is.... an Illegal Alien. It matters not what seed he was sporned from, though it is clear it was a bitter twisted seed.

The US Constitution is what matters.

Anonymous said...

Im a collector of vintage porn...the one photo that shows a series ID# as Y.D.438 is the initails of the model...YD does not stand for Ann Dunham...daaahaaa!!

Artfldgr said...

the major issue is not who he is actually related to (all the people aroudn that subject were pretty much ideologically cut from one cloth).

what matters is the machinations.

for instacne, the absence of a colb, or refusal to turn over a birth cert, doesnt mean he doesnt have one.

it means that there are two options, and NEITHER is favored wihjtout more inforamtion. (in other words to assert one is to do so arbitrarily).

he may not have one... and so its illegal for him to be president. however if he achieves it, it may be used as a pry bar (backed by riots), to remove this thing so that foreigners can be elected and its more like one world government...

he may have one, and so is choosing not to show it to waste peoples resources as they work on that issue which will not bear fruit. among other reasons, like destabilizing the people to each other, divide and conquer.

the problem with average analysis is that most care more as to the outcome that is discovered than caer that the outcome is valid.

JR said...

Porn collector:

You've never heard of stage names and other pseudonyms?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to post a comment,

Obama has already made lending for middle and lower class citizens before he's in the white house! Amazing, read more below..

New Types of Low Interest Loans & Grants from Obama

Wilbur said...

That's not her.

Look at the porn lady's nose. Notice how her nose is concave.

Now look at

Notice how Stanley Ann Dunham's nose is convex.