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Britain's Channel 4 to screen documentary that asks whether IQ is linked to race

Channel 4 also aired an "incorrect" programme on climate change. Report below from the mainstream "Daily Mail"

Channel 4 is facing a race controversy after deciding to give a platform to scientists who claim that white people are more intelligent than those who are black. A documentary, fronted by former BBC News correspondent Rageh Omaar, will interview professors who claim brain power is linked to racial grouping. It will include claims that the most intelligent people in the world are North-East Asians from parts of China, Japan and North and South Korea.

The Australian Aborigines will be said to have the lowest average IQ.

The broadcaster has decided to air the comments, which will be abhorrent to many of its viewers, as part of a series of programmes about race and science, aimed at busting 'science's last taboo'. Bosses at the channel claim the season will strongly challenge these opinions and 'explode' the myth that science can support ideas of racial superiority. But the decision to air the issue at all could prove incendiary and is in danger of throwing the channel into another race row. The broadcaster was inundated with complaints in 2007 after it aired the alleged racist bullying of Shilpa Shetty on Celebrity Big Brother.

To promote the series, Channel 4 has altered photos of Baroness Thatcher, The Beatles, England's 1966 World Cup winning football team and U.S. President Barack Obama to change their racial appearances.

In Race and Intelligence: Science's Last Taboo, Omaar talks to academics who believe that aspects of the human brain are linked to race. He interviews Richard Lynn, emeritus professor at the University of Ulster, who has amassed data which he believes shows there is a global league table of intelligence between the races. He is seen claiming that 'the top rate' are North-East Asians who have an average IQ of 105, followed by North and Central Europeans with a score of 100.

He claims American Indians have an IQ of 87, and that sub-Saharan Africans 'pretty well on either side of the equator' have IQs of around 70. He says Aborigines have the lowest scores of around 65. He says: 'When sub-Saharan Africans come and live - and even several generations of them come to live - in European or North American countries, their IQs increase because of course their environment is improved, their schooling is better and their nutrition is better. 'But their IQs don't rise up to the same level as Europeans.'

British-born J Philippe Rushton, a psychology professor at the University of Western Ontario in Canada, is also interviewed. Professor Rushton claims the differences between black and white and East Asian brains is due to general intelligence. He says black people have smaller-sized brains than white people and are not as intelligent as white people.

In the programme a range of academics line up to criticise the views of the two men. Oona King, Channel 4's head of diversity, said the programme will show conclusively 'that you cannot link race to IQ'. Miss King, a former Labour MP, added: 'Even people who know the race agenda inside out will learn a lot from these programmes.' She called for a 'heated debate' about race, saying: 'This series will change the terms of the debate.'

Dr Watson sparked controversy in 2007 after claiming in a newspaper interview that black people were less intelligent. His views prompted London's Science Museum to scrap a planned talk by him, saying the opinions went 'beyond the point of acceptable debate'. The 79-year-old American geneticist - who does not appear in the show - said he was 'inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa' because 'all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours - whereas all the testing says not really'. He added that he hoped that everyone was equal, but then alleged that 'people who have to deal with black employees find this not true'. In the interview he claimed genes responsible for creating differences in human intelligence could be found within a decade.

Dr Watson was hailed as achieving one of the greatest single scientific breakthroughs of the 20th century when he worked at Cambridge in the 1950s and 1960s, forming part of the team which discovered the structure of DNA. He has been director of the Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory on Long Island, in the U.S., a world leader in research into cancer and genetics, for 50 years.

Dr Watson has been at the heart of several scientific furores over the years. He once reportedly said that a woman should have the right to abort her unborn child if tests could determine it would be homosexual. He has suggested a link between skin colour and sex drive, proposing a theory that black people have higher libidos. And he also claimed that beauty could be genetically manufactured, saying: 'People say it would be terrible if we made all girls pretty. I think it would be great.'

In his book, Avoid Boring People: Lessons from a Life in Science, he writes that 'there is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically. 'Our wanting to reserve equal powers of reason as some universal heritage of humanity will not be enough to make it so'.

Omaar also said in a clip of the show that views society found offensive 'are not defeated by being ignored'.



Taxing the Rich. When will the Leftist haters ever learn?

The rhetoric of increasing taxes on the rich has been a goal of populist presidents since FDR. The Obama administration has pledged to increase the taxes on those making over $250,000 to fund increased social programs and a supposed middle class tax cut. However in the past, increasing taxes on the rich has had just the opposite effect.

For example, in 1932, the top individual tax rate was increased from 25% to 63% and eventually rose to 79% by 1937. During that same period, the overall share of taxes paid by those with incomes over $100,000 fell from 50% to 27% of all taxes. Roosevelt\rquote s desire to blame the wealthy investors for the continuing Great Depression, rather than his own economic policies, actually reduced the tax contribution of the very wealthy.

This occurs, of course, because politicians intent upon increased taxes on the rich neglect the fact that the rich, unlike the rest of us, have alternative ways of legitimately investing their money, such as municipal bonds that do not result in taxable income, instead of investing in companies that expand to create jobs. And not just any jobs but productive ones that do not depend upon a coerced tax base of citizens.

While populist administrations want to make sure that the rich pay their fair share, the rich actually already pay for most of the cost of government. In 2005, the top 5% of taxpayers, those with incomes above $150,000, paid 60% of all income taxes paid. Before the Reagan tax reductions of the 1980, that same group paid less than 40%.

While increasing the taxes on the rich may be popular politically, the result is that their share of tax revenue is reduced by alternative investment. This forces the middle class to pay a larger share of the tax burden. This is exactly the opposite result of what those trying to get the rich to pay their fair share would like you to believe.



Jackson & Sharpton Effort Against Rush Limbaugh is an Effort to "Get Whitie" and a "Racist Act," Says Leading Black Conservative

This statement was issued today by Deneen Borelli of the national black leadership network Project 21: "The left-wing jihad against Rush Limbaugh is un-fair and un-American. Rush is being targeted simply because he is a conservative and a leading critic of President Obama's wealth redistribution policies.

With conservative blood in the water, it's predictable to see the 'race card duo' -- Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton -- circling the victim. Since the election of the first black president, they have been searching for some white meat to feed on and Rush just happens to be a juicy target. Whipping up unjustified black anger is their specialty.

Frankly, I see their effort as 'get whitie' -- an inherent racist act. It's outrageous that the 'race card duo' are worried about Rush buying a football team following a graphic example of black on black gang violence in Chicago -- Jackson's home town. As so-called black leaders they should be putting their time and effort in dealing with the human tragedies in the urban community: crime and failing schools and not a conservative exercising his right to play in the free market."




U.S. troop funds diverted to pet projects: "Senators diverted $2.6 billion in funds in a defense spending bill to pet projects largely at the expense of accounts that pay for fuel, ammunition and training for U.S. troops, including those fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to an analysis. Among the 778 such projects, known as earmarks, packed into the bill: $25 million for a new World War II museum at the University of New Orleans and $20 million to launch an educational institute named after the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat. While earmarks are hardly new in Washington, "in 30 years on Capitol Hill, I never saw Congress mangle the defense budget as badly as this year," said Winslow Wheeler, a former Senate staffer who worked on defense funding and oversight for both Republicans and Democrats."

An Olympian traitor: "After hemming and hawing for weeks, Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe did what many knew she'd do: support the abominable Baucus health care overhaul. The GOP has a big problem. Some who march under its banner don't really accept the basic philosophy it espouses -- one of low taxes, small government and support of the Constitution. Snowe is one of those. Her decision to vote "aye" on the Baucus bill, which passed out of the Senate Finance Committee on an otherwise partisan 14-9 vote, was called a "surprise" by some. It wasn't. She's done this for years, undercutting her party and lending support to the opposition. Don't look for some transcendent reason. "My vote today is my vote today," Snowe said, clarifying nothing. "It doesn't forecast what my vote will be tomorrow." Nothing like standing firmly on principle."

Media Outlets Neglect to Mention that Doctor Photo-Op Was Staged: "In his latest push for a health care overhaul bill, President Obama spoke to doctors in the White House Rose Garden yesterday. Painting a nice picture of the event were many media outlets that neglected to mention the White House's doctoring (forgive the pun) of the audience in an attempt at a powerful photo-op. Doctors attending the event were instructed to show up in white lab coats to give observers the feeling that doctors stand behind the President's health care plans. "White Coats in the Rose Garden, as Obama Rallies Doctors on Health Overhaul," read a New York Times blog post headline. "The roughly 150 doctors assembled wore white lab coats under the brilliant fall sun," the Washington Post recalled. The San Francisco Chronicle wrote, "Obama faced rows of smiling doctors, all wearing white lab coats." NBC News also noted the white coats donned by the doctors in attendance. But none of these media outlets mentioned that the White House had to hand out lab coats to a number of the doctors in attendance who showed up in business attire. Apparently trying to drive home the image of medical professionals applauding the President, the White House would not start the press conference until all of the doctors were dressed in the "spiffy" outfits, in the President's words. Rather than cover the clear attempt by the President to use visuals to enhance the public perception of support from the industry, media outlets chose to rehash White House talking points."

Just what Britain needs; Fewer productive workers and more parasites: "Nearly a million jobs in private industry and commerce have been lost in just 15 months, the latest unemployment figures showed yesterday. But the full impact of the recession has been shrugged off in the public sector, which has seen a boom of over 300,000 in recruitment of bureaucrats. There was an increase of 88,000 in the jobless numbers in the three months to August. Ministers hope the figures may signal an improvement in the economy, but the gloss was taken off by the extent to which the Treasury has subsidised employment. But while hundreds of thousands of taxpayer-funded jobs have been created in Whitehall and its branches, town halls and quangos, the private sector has been punished. And pay rises in the public sector are running far ahead of inflation and at nearly three times the rate of wage increases in private business. At the end of June there were more than six million workers in the public sector, up by 304,000 on March 2008 when the recession started to bite. However, over the same 15-month period the number of employees in the private sector dropped by 919,000. And many of the new public sector workers do not appear to have been the 'front-line' staff such as teachers, nurses and policemen of whom ministers like to boast. For example, recent figures showed that the number of teachers has dropped over the past few months, while town halls have continued to hire staff, often to the kind of posts regularly mocked as 'non-jobs'.

Britain is in danger of going bust, warns EU: "Britian's economy was consigned to a list of those at 'high risk' yesterday because of the spiralling national debt. The European Commission issued a humiliating warning that the worsening budget deficit poses 'serious concerns' that the country will be unable to meet future spending commitments, such as pensions. The growing number of elderly people threatens to make debt unsustainable and has led to the UK economy being ranked alongside nations such as Latvia, Greece and Romania. The warning plunged the Government into a furious row with Brussels, as Treasury officials said it called into question the EC's ability to carry out 'credible economic analysis'."

Colorado minimum wage to drop as living costs fall: "Colorado will become the first state to reduce its minimum wage because of a falling cost of living. The state Department of Labor and Employment ordered the wage down to $7.24 from $7.28. That's lower than the federal minimum wage of $7.25, so most minimum wage workers would lose only 3 cents an hour. Colorado is one of 10 states where the minimum wage is tied to inflation. The indexing is thought to protect low-wage workers from having flat wages as the cost of living goes up. But because Colorado's provision allows wage declines, the minimum wage will drop because of a falling consumer price index. It will be the first decrease in any state since the federal minimum wage law was passed in 1938."

Dollar sinking: "The U.S. dollar plumbed a 14-month low against the euro on Wednesday, sending gold prices to record highs and pushing up oil for a fifth day to a 2009 high of $75.12 a barrel. U.S. stock futures were up 1 percent, indicating a higher open on Wall Street, while the MSCI all-country world stock index rose 0.8 percent to a new 12-month high. Improvements in Chinese export and import data for September as well as a surprising rise in its copper imports also boded well for the rest of the year, offering fresh evidence that its economy is firmly on a recovery track and that the global economy is improving, too... The dollar dropped 0.6 percent against the yen to 89.20 yen, bringing lows below 88 yen hit earlier this month back into view. The latest rush to buy yen and sell dollars came after Naoki Minezaki, a senior vice finance minister in Japan, told Reuters that yen strength is due to dollar weakness which will likely persist, and the government should not intervene in markets just because the yen is rising. The euro climbed 0.2 percent to $1.4877, after earlier rising to $1.49, the highest since August 2008."

Another Obama sycophant: "While the National Endowment for the Arts has attracted attention as a propaganda arm of the Obama administration, the National Endowment for the Humanities has so far escaped such attention. Have we missed something? The new chairman of the NEH is former Republican Rep. Jim Leach. Leach supported Obama during the campaign and must have had dreams of office higher than the chairmanship of the NEH. The NEH itself is of course supposed to be nonpartisan. In his capacity as chairman, however, Leach has become something of an Obama mouthpiece... The theme of the speech was the NEH's "Bridging Cultures" initiative. According to Leach, the initiative is aimed at changing the allegedly "disrespectful" attitudes of many Americans toward Muslim contributions to culture. I'd settle for Leach building a bridge of respect to Americans such as Rep. Wilson, but he clearly has bigger fish to fry. The anthropologist and National Association of Scholars president Peter Wood raises a red flag concerning Leach's speech here. I urge you to read all of Professor Wood's commentary on the speech. Professor Wood says just about everything that needs to be said about it."


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