Tuesday, April 09, 2013

In memoriam

It is one of the ironies of nature that Margaret Thatcher never inspired great affection despite having done more for Britain and the world than almost anyone else in modern times.  She showed that it is possible to break the ratchet of socialism and in so doing made government ownership of business an idea whose time had gone.  She will be remembered.

And she will be a permanent rebuke to feminist madness.  Britain's first female Prime Minister was not a feminist yet was hugely influential.  Had feminists truly been advocates for women they would have embraced her as their icon and beacon of hope.  In fact they despised her and she ignored them.  She was a real woman who loved her children to distraction and derived much of her strength and assurance from the unfailing support of her devoted husband.  No wonder feminists hate her.

There are some gracious tributes to her (as well as some mindless hate from British Leftists) here

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