Saturday, October 22, 2016

Health update

It looks like I am recovering steadily with the use of clindamycin.  Some skin areas that were red have now faded to pale pink.   The main remaining problem is that I am still spending lots of time asleep.  I am guessing that my body makes me drowsy to help fight off any sepsis.  I have always had naps during daylight hours but my naps at the moment are up to four hours long. I can't do much blogging in such circumstances but you can't keep a good blogger down completely so I have just put up one thing new:  A recipe for an unusual salad!  See here

Hopefully I will have more to say tomorrow.


ScienceABC123 said...

An interesting recipe, but I'll stick with the homemade cookies.

I'm glad you're feeling better.

zacher.bay said...

Hope you are well soon! I love your work, very keen judgments and perceptions. I always feel like I get a truthful commentary from you and the truth is all I have ever wanted. Oh, your rebukes are wonderfully elegant and can only sting the aware, which seems to becoming less and less. You and Richard Fernandez are my favorite reads.
God’s speed to your recovery, and thank you for your writings. James

Anonymous said...

G-d willing you will have a speedy and complete recovery.

Your in my prayers.