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Here’s what we know about AstraZeneca and that rare blood clotting disorder

The Thrombosis and Haemostasis Society Australia and New Zealand, the country’s acting chief medical officer and the medical regulator, do not believe there is hard evidence yet of a link between AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine and a rare blood clotting syndrome.

A 44-year-old man who received the AstraZeneca vaccine remains in Melbourne’s Box Hill Hospital with a probable case of the rare syndrome, termed suspected vaccine induced prothrombotic immune thrombocytopenia (VIPIT).

“We cannot say there is a causal link. That’s the bottom line,” said Associate Professor Vivien Chen, lead author of the Thrombosis and Haemostasis Society’s just-released guidance on VIPIT. “This is a new, emerging syndrome. The scientific investigations to show causality have not been done.”

However, Professor Jim Buttery, head of epidemiology and signal detection at the Victorian immunisation safety service, said he now believed there was evidence of a link.

“Although not conclusively proven yet, it is likely there is a causal link between the AstraZeneca vaccine and this rare subset of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia,” he told The Age via email.

“Based on the data available to date at the moment it appears the UK detected 30 cases from 18 million doses of vaccine, approximately 1 in 500,000 doses.”

Available evidence suggests the syndrome is extremely rare. Norway has reported a rate of 1 in every 25,000 doses, Germany has reported a rate of 1 in 100,000, while Europe’s overall figures are 1 in 210,000. Britain has recorded a much lower rate: 30 reported cases from 18.1 million AstraZeneca injections – around 1 in 500,000.

In comparison, a 65-year-old has between a 1 or 2 in 100 chance of dying if infected with COVID-19, with that risk continuing to rise with age.

The European Medicines Agency and Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration say the benefits of the vaccine continue to outweigh any risks.

Initially, much of the focus was whether AstraZeneca’s vaccine may raise the overall risk of blood clots. There is now evidence to show this is not the case. However, that concern turned out to be something of a red herring.

Our blood is filled with platelet cells, which are able to clot together when we are bleeding and clog the wound. This is why you stop bleeding soon after cutting yourself.

Cases of VIPIT are characterised by four things: low levels of platelets, high levels of blood clotting breakdown products, the formation of blood clots, and the presence of a specific antibody that over-activates platelets in the blood.

“It’s predominantly blood clots in what we would call unusual places,” said Dr Chen.

The unusual antibodies are a hallmark of the syndrome. They activate the platelets, which has the dual effect of causing blood clots to form while also removing other platelets from the bloodstream.

“There are several mechanisms by which the antibodies could develop , and as yet we don’t know the exact mechanism,” said Professor Paul Monagle, a paediatric haematologist at the University of Melbourne who is studying the syndrome.

“One possibility is it is creating antibodies, and those antibodies are recognising some sequence on the platelets, instead of the vaccine.”

Potential risk factors also remain unclear. Most of the cases reported so far were in women younger than 55.

That has led several European countries to stop giving AstraZeneca to people aged under 60. However, it could be that age and gender are not risk factors. Many European countries gave AstraZeneca to younger groups first, as well as healthcare workers – of which a large proportion are women.


Scientists reworking abandoned University of Queensland COVID-19 vaccine

University of Queensland scientists are secretly reworking their cancelled COVID vaccine after a new study revealed it could have been the world’s best weapon in the fight against the deadly virus.

The University of Queensland’s abandoned COVID vaccine could have been the world’s best weapon in the fight against the deadly virus, with a new study revealing it was effective after just one jab and could be stored at fridge temperature.

Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines, which are being relied on to protect the nation, require two doses each – a huge logistical challenge which is further complicated by Pfizer needing to be stored at -70C.

UQ’s crack vaccine team is now working behind the scenes to move the vaccine technology forward after the research, released today, showed if it was reworked and problems ironed out it could still be a boon in the fight against COVID-19 and future global novel viruses.

“We are working day to day and moving the technology forward but we are trying to stay under the radar as the focus needs to be on the AstraZeneca vaccine that is being rolled out as it is our best line of defence,” the professor said.

The local vaccination trial was unceremoniously terminated last year after some patients recorded false-positive HIV results.

This was due to the trial’s unique ‘clamp’ technology that fused two fragments of a protein found in HIV.

When the vaccine was administered these proteins prompted the production of antibodies that were picked up in HIV tests.

But the release of new “success” data shows the technology is highly effective after just one jab and is stable at fridge temperature – something the successful Pfizer vaccine doesn’t achieve.

The research Clinical & Transitional Immunology was published on behalf of the Australian and New Zealand Society for Immunology.

All of Queensland was behind the UQ team who worked night and day to fast-track their COVID-19 vaccine.

Human trials began last July with 120 volunteers in Brisbane.

Due to the race for time to find a protective vaccine, in December CSL decided to cancel further development of the vaccine.

Then Prof Young said that while his team was “devastated”, they would pick themself up and keep going.

Dr Russell Basser from Seqirus, a CSL company, said then that public confidence was a big driver in the decision to shelve development of the UQ vaccine.

“We have come to a mutual agreement with the Government. Public confidence is critical and if there were no other vaccines in the works we may have persisted. Even though the vaccine was safe “the burden to move forward was too great,” he said.

The UQ vaccine was one of four the Federal Government had committed to purchasing with plans to produce 51m doses.

The study findings were from the university’s original animal trials.


Democrats: Stupid Or Liars?

Abrams is Georgia’s Governor-in-exile. This gap-toothed hypocrite has become the go-to stercoraceous for liberal media on all things “voter suppression.” She’s also raised a small fortune for the “cause,” which is a bit like getting rich off pre-selling unicorns.

In the course of amassing that fortune, she’s had to become unburdened by reality. First, the reality that the 2018 election was stolen from her. She knows she lost fair and square, but her ego wouldn’t allow her to accept it. Now, her relevance won’t allow her to admit it. Everything she is depends on that lie continuing.

In the course of building that lie, Abrams may well have begun to believe it. You can only have so much smoke blown up where last night’s dinner resides before you begin to crave a cigarette. But that lie has now backfired.

Stacey Abrams has cost the people she hopes to lead the opportunity to honor a hero, she’s cost vendors and merchants a lot of money, and she has embarrassed the state. Nothing she has said about the new Georgia voter integrity law is true, and those who don’t know it now will eventually.

The only way she could undo the damage of chasing away the All-Star Game is to admit she’s been lying. She can’t do that. So is she more stupid or liar?

Joe Biden has slightly more of an excuse. He’s stupid, always has been. But he’s also always been a liar. Then there’s the possibility that in his diminished capacity his staff has simply lied to him. Not being very bright, he wouldn’t question the absurdity of Republicans imposing “Jim Crow 2.0” or “Jim Crow on steroids” when briefed on the law. Never a deep thinker, it wouldn’t occur to him to ask relevant questions like, “How do these minor changes to the law compare to the voting laws in my home state?” Turns out, not too favorably…for Delaware.

In reality, even a child reading the actual text of the law would see it’s much easier to vote in Georgia now than it has ever been to vote in Delaware. Easy access to absentee voting, drop boxes, and more time for early voting (by a lot) than the President’s home state. If Georgia is “oppressive,” why has he remained silent his entire life about the oppression in his home?

Because he doesn’t know, or he doesn’t care. Stupid or liar?

The liberal media, naturally, has unquestioningly parroted every Democrat talking point on the subject. MSNBC is the “Jim Crow 2.0” network. From the goons on Morning Joe to the frauds at night, they steadfastly insist having to write your driver’s license number on an absentee ballot is the modern equivalent of separate drinking fountains. Personally, I believe black people are capable of anything, particularly the simple task of easily proving you are who you say you are. But then holding anyone who would willingly marry Mika Brzezinski, especially after having failed so spectacularly in 2 previous marriages, as your standard bearer lends itself to thinking very little of the intelligence of everyone else.

As corporations cave to this unholy alliance of ignoramuses, you’d think someone would actually read the damn law and care that they’re all getting it wrong. It’s not that hard, even one fact-checker at the Washington Post was able to do it, awarding Biden their highest score on their BS-meter.

So are these people stupid or liars? And how much of each are they? There’s no wrong answer, just as there is no good answer. It just is. It’s who they are.



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