Sunday, November 21, 2021

A "housekeeping" note

The internet is a very changeable place.  Articles and pix that are up there today may have vanished tomorrow.  Blogspot is unusually good in that regard.  Blog posts of mine back to 2002 are still up there.  

So pictures are the big weakness there.  Some of the pictures I put up were not hosted by blogspot so have disappeared.  That is not much of a big deal as very few people are likely to go back to read my old posts.  The posts will normally be accessed via Google searches only.

So I have gone through my posts here back to the beginning of 2019 and replaced all missing posts by backups.  I do have backups for all my posts.  So in the most unlikely event that anyone is interested in pictures before 2019, I will gladly supply the missing pic


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