Saturday, August 16, 2003


Anti-Schwarzenegger liberals are playing politics with the holocaust but another blogger has used some of my points about the Leftist nature of Nazism to answer the Leftist attacks on Arnold’s father. That should confuse ‘em -- if they listen.

Matt Welch at Reason has an interesting summary of the immigration policy splits in the California election. Interestingly Big Arnie formerly was an advocate of Prop 187. This was voted in by the California voters and then blocked by legal appeals. Prop 187 was a 1994 popularly initiated referendum that barred illegal immigrants from access to state provided public services and welfare. See here. The willingness of the Left to oppose and block a popularly supported amendment shows how much they love democracy.

The Christian Right may be peeved that Arnie is no morals crusader but I suspect that his attitudes in that regard are what is needed to win in California.


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