Friday, August 15, 2003


I recently received a rather combative email from a Leftist lady named Julie. I was completely objective in my initial reply but when she persisted with her combative approach I gave her a bit of her own medicine. I reproduce the exchange below. Her initial comment was about my post of July 27th. in which I described a Leftist attack on me as “pathetic”.

Julie: A little defensive, are we?? I was never one to be convinced by name-calling!
JR: Attacks have to be defended and I think I showed why I saw the comments as pathetic.
Julie: Of course you are entitled to your opinion, but I think I would be much more convinced of your argument without the defensive, combative rhetoric. Oh well, what can be expected from a conservative! Thanks though, amusing as always.
JR: Amusing that you cannot address the content of my argument -- only the style. But what can one expect of a Leftist?
Julie: Exactly what you can expect from a Leftist, you are correct! I'm not interested in engaging in simplistic, black and white arguments with you, particularly ones that consist of name-calling. I'm flattered that you are interested in my opinion, but choose to decline your invitation for combative mud-slinging. Reply not necessary
JR: A little defensive, are we?? I was never one to be convinced by name-calling!
Julie: LOL! You're pretty funny for a conservative! Like a little parrot, how sweet. You wanna cracker? Hahahahahaha!
JR: What a simplistic black and white response!
Julie: I'm done with you.
JR: Hoist with her own petard!

Note that she accuses ME of being combative! Typical Leftist projection -- seeing their own faults in others.


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