Thursday, August 14, 2003


There is a very confused article here by a Leftist about Australia’s small number of conservative “think tanks”. It thoroughly mixes up conservatives, neoconservatives and libertarians. I think Greg Lindsay of the CIS would be amazed to hear that he is a neocon. Neocons are reformed Leftists who still have an interventionist streak in them whereas Greg has always been primarily a libertarian. I should know. I was one of the donors who helped Greg set up the CIS in the first place. And I was not a “rich businessman” at the time. I was a junior university teacher.

The article does its best to make the organizations concerned sound sinister -- all political lamebrains love “conspiracy” theories -- but there is only one secret to their influence -- they present the facts in a thoroughly scholarly way. And when you do that to a reasonable person, the facts speak for themselves. Log on here and judge for yourself.

There is a reasonably factual account of what neoconservatives are from a Leftist source here -- Though his idea that the Christian Right are antisemitic is bizarre. U.S. Christians would be second only to Jews as supporters of Israel.

A more up-to-date version of what neoconservatism consists of is given by someone who is himself known as a neoconserative here. By either definition it is doubtful that we have any neoconservatives to speak of in Australia. We just have conservatives and Leftists -- though both our major political parties are very centrist. Both parties have however been responsible for a fair bit of deregulation and privatization so the centre of politics these days is far to the Right of what it once was.


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