Friday, August 15, 2003


Being blind to race, colour and creed is good public policy but being blind to illegality certainly is not. A reader writes concerning the way California is being overwhelmed by illegal immigration:

“Brenda Walker, in a review of Victor Davis Hanson's MEXIFORNIA takes the author to task for not wearing his more well known hat as a military historian. Will California truly become Mexifornia by a successful non-military invasion? Will Americans continue to flee the increasingly alien state for somewhere that is still recognizable as their country? California's U.S.-born population actually declined by 1.5 million people in last decade while the overall population increased by over four million.This crisis calls out for an analysis from a military expert-which Hanson strangely fails to provide. The critical reviewer (Brenda Walker) has elsewhere highlighted that multiculturalism is a women's issue, but not in the sense that most left wing feminists would be prepared to recognise.”


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