Wednesday, August 13, 2003


A California reader writes of a local newspaper called Change Links which appears to be affiliated with the local University school of journalism: "One article really caught my eye. It said Iraqi Concentration Camps. It basically says that the U.S. was making Iraqi concentration camps, which is obviously false. Also, in July's issue of that newspaper, there were two articles on the back, the bottom one defending the regime of Hugo Chavez, even though Chavez is purporsely changing the Constitution of Venezeula, so he can stay in power even longer, and a defence of Fidel Castro's Cuba on the top.

In the current issue, there was an article by Howard Zinn: Saying that it was bad for America to invade Iraq and that Communist regimes are great (why doesn't he live in one of those himself?). This is a Leftist newspaper, disguised as a "Progressive" newspaper, which I find comes nowhere near to what a progressive is. The way I see it, it's nothing but a Pro-Communist group."


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