Tuesday, August 12, 2003


When the Berkeley study of conservatism first appeared, I noted how rich it was for Leftists to accuse others of being simplistic in their thinking. A good example of Leftist simplistic thinking is given here: "Creating better living standards for the poor is not as easy as passing minimum wage laws that may actually lead to fewer work opportunities, for instance. Such laws are simple-minded."

And, right on cue, we see this in yesterday's Los Angeles Times: ""What price are we, as Americans, willing to put on human worth, on safety, decent medical care and hope? If a minimum-wage increase isn't passed, Congress will have decided that $5.15 an hour is that price_a number that should bring shame to anyone who truly cares about those barely existing below the poverty line," writes Douglas MacKinnon. As FEE asks in response: "If government can really raise wages, why not set the minimum to $75,000 a year?" All that high minimum wages do, of course, is to destroy jobs and create unemployment for the poor. But that old, old lesson is still too complicated for our Leftist brainboxes.


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