Monday, January 05, 2004


"Americans give over two-and-a-half times more of their income to charity than do than Canadians." Just like Republicans in the USA when compared to Democrats. It's all explainable by the secret socialist motto: "We don't care so you have to".

Leftists fancy themselves as intellectuals but I have always said that they are only second-rate intellectuals and in my own field I have repeatedly shown that to be true. But this article about Marxist Terry Eagleton makes "second rate" look like a vast overestimate. The guy has gone from being a big defender of postmodernism to now saying it is all wrong but still calls himself a Marxist and is still treated worshipfully by other Leftists. How desperate can you get? They've got about as much intellectual rigor as a flea! It's not what you say but whom you hate that counts. But we read: "Nowadays Mr. Eagleton lives the life of an academic superstar" so I think that tells you all you need to know about Leftist intellectuals. They are just con-men but the mugs lap it up.

And another much more trivial case in point: The Annals of Improbable Research reports a study by a Prof. Trinkaus showing that 'modern kids don't smile when they see Santa'. Trinkaus admits that he does not know why they do not smile or if they ever did but still draws big conclusions about the evils of modern society from his "findings".

There is an amusing and very pro-Democrat article in the NYT which, despite all its biases, ends up admitting that the Democrats are mushy on national security and that they will lose votes over it. And the author didn't mind slipping in a few untruths to bolster his anti-Bush hatreds. For instance he says: "Zakaria noted that ''with the exception of Britain and Israel, every country the administration has dealt with feels humiliated by it.''" I guess Australia and Poland don't exist to Democrat eyes. Both unhesitatingly sent troops to help depose Saddam and have supported American policy solidly. Poland is a European country as big as France and Australia is the only nation to have an entire continent to itself -- but we know how often large realities can be invisible to Leftists.

U.S. Army snipers in Iraq seem to be doing a good job of giving the terrorists a bit of their own back.

"The first of January will mark ten years of NAFTA [The North American Free Trade Agreement]. There is little doubt it has helped the United States and Canada, but how about Mexico? Foreign investment in Mexico has increased dramatically. It now stands at $12 billion a year, more than India receives. Exports have grown by a factor of three, up to $161 billion. Mexico's per capita income has risen 24%, to $4000 a year"

One of the Leftist historians whom Keith Windschuttle has attacked for "fabricating" Australian Aboriginal history -- the same one who defended herself by saying that historians make things up all the time (!) -- has another defence of herself here -- the core of which is that other "independent" historians have agreed with her account. What a laugh! There is only ONE "independent" historian of that subject in Australia -- Windschuttle! That Leftists stick together is extremely unsurprising but proves nothing. You have to look at the evidence itself and that is exactly what the wicked Windschuttle has done.

Conservative German blogger David Kaspar is having a good laugh (in English) over the fact that the European space probe sent to Mars failed but the American one worked.

The Wicked one has a post on how the Left still hate the FBI's J. Edgar Hoover and the amusing lies that they tell about him.


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