Tuesday, January 06, 2004


The Greenies will hate this one: Because of a long-known effect called "hormesis", most poisons and pollutants (even radiation) are actually good for you in small amounts -- which is a nasty shock for the simplistic Greenie approach that wants "zero" of practically everything modern. Life is always more complex than the know-it-all theorists imagine. Hormesis is actually the theoretical basis of homeopathic medicine -- though all that homeopaths normally give you in their "medicines" is distilled water. Under the heading "Naughty Radiation" I first blogged on hormesis back in 2002. (Scroll down a little). See also here under "Nice Toxins".

The indefatigable Randall Parker at Future Pundit has a blockbuster post on global warming. He say that IF global warming exists, it is very difficult to know it and that programs to reduce soot and methane emissions would be much more effective and cheaper than the Kyoto nonsense in reducing global temperature. But here's the really awful bit for the Greenies: U.S. soot levels have already halved in recent years just as a result of normal technological progress, without governments doing a thing! And even worse, the big soot-production offenders are Third World countries! Randall will end up wearing cement boots if he is not careful! Speaking so much truth all at once could be dangerous!

Panic! The Earth's magnetic field is weakening! I wonder how long it will take the Greenies to blame the Bush administration for that? Judging by their record on ozone and global warming, any possibility that planetary events might be natural fluctuations is always dismissed.


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